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What to say when people ask about the amendments

If I've been asked once, I've been asked a thousand times. What's wrong with the amendments? They seem reasonable and relatively harmless, why vote against them? Here's what I say.

Most of us try to be thoughtful and deliberate about voting. I certainly do. Like you, I want to understand issues and candidates and make informed decisions. Likewise, most of us want to believe that our elected officials are operating in good faith. It's hard for us to imagine they might be devious.

How you can help sustain Governor Cooper's veto

The foundation of democracy in NC is under attack, and GOP legislators think they can do whatever they want with no consequence. Legislators in flippable districts should want to think twice about over-riding Governor Cooper's latest veto. This editorial sums up the situation clearly, and names names. Check it out.



The legislature is running roughshod over our constitution, pushing through new measures to restrict voting, undermine our separation of powers, and nickel and dime consumers. These are unprecedented, unnecessary, politically-driven, and hurt our state. Many are nothing more than a “blank-check” to allow partisan politicians to do as they please.

North Carolina Must Stand Against These Attacks on Our Constitution and Vote “Against.”

Trump wouldn't be able to be Trump without Burr and Tillis

As an observer of North Carolina’s political landscape for many years, I find myself baffled by our two United States Senators. For all their bluster and public relations efforts, neither has done much for our state. Both have undermined the reputation of our country.

For his part, Richard Burr has the enjoyed the benefit of low expectations. Ever since he famously encouraged his wife to run to the ATM on the eve of the 2008 economic meltdown, it’s been clear that Burr’s only interest is self-interest.


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