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The evil among us

I've long resisted acknowledging the presence of evil. The very act of saying things brings them into existence, and some things, I thought, were better left unspoken. Then Trump emerged, evil incarnate, contagious as the plague.

Journalists assassinated. Children ripped from families. Unrestrained greed. Never-ending lies. Democracy subverted. These things are evil, there is no other way to describe them.

The War of 2018

It’s not even July, but 2018 has already been the year that changed everything. I won’t go into all the policy fuck-ups Republicans are responsible for, you know them all too well.

The bigger change, though, the one currently rearing its ugly head, is tribal conflict unleashed on a massive scale. On one side are the greeders, grifters, and bigots who will do anything to hold onto privilege and power. On the other side is pretty much everyone else, mostly thoughtful people trying to find a way through the madness.


There's been much debate about swearing and civility since Robert De Niro slammed Trump at the Tony Award ceremony. As someone who shares De Niro's sentiment, I wanted to explore the ramifications of such outspoken language.

An open letter to Apple and Amazon

Dear Apple, Amazon, and any other company considering North Carolina:

I am writing to ask that you delay consideration of North Carolina until November 7, 2018, the day after our next election. On that Wednesday morning, we will all have a clear picture of what the future of our state holds.


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