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Burr speaks out on the Supreme Court

During the campaign, Senator Richard Burr said this: "If Hillary Clinton becomes president, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that four years from now we've still got an opening on the Supreme Court."

Every Democratic US Senator should apply the same rationale to Trump's right-wing radical nominee.

Dear Senator Burr:

Well, we're quickly coming to the end of the line. King Donald has all but shredded our Constitution, while delivering a healthy dose of "screw you" to Congress and the Courts. Short of assassination, there's not much standing in the way of a complete and insane takeover of our faltering nation. American carnage, it turns out, was an apt descriptor for the world in which we live.

Only a few people are in a position to stop this reign of terror. You are one of them. This is the time to step up, sir, for it will soon be too late.

Do the right thing. We're begging you.

Dallas Woodhouse questions the legitimacy of Trump's "victory" ... hints at need for new election

As part of his never-ending quest to disenfranchise Democratic voters, Dallas "The Bus Driver" Woodhouse yesterday said electoral fraud should be looked into.

“Look, I just think this is something that needs to be looked at,” he said. “Let’s provide some confidence to the system.” Woodhouse said he’s seen evidence of problems in North Carolina. “We’ve seen voter fraud in North Carolina, it may not be widespread,” he said. “We’ve had two local elections that were thrown out for vote buying and fraud.”

Trump himself has suggested his own election may have been tainted by fraud, a suggestion Woodhouse seems to agree with. The only solution appears to be a thorough investigation and a new presidential election.

For once, the Republicans have a point. If there was fraud, and it appears that voting operations in several swing states were compromised, we should know about it. A national inquiry into voter fraud and illegalities of any kind is called for. I'm confident that such an inquiry would reveal Trump to be in violation of numerous federal laws, resulting in the need for a new election.

PS Here's a video of The Bus Driver at his best.

Military thinking is to thinking as military music is to music

My first roommate at the US Naval Academy was a guy from Tennessee, let's call him Will, who took great pride in saying he grew up in a tar paper shack. It was a big deal for both of us to get into Annapolis, coming from families where no one had ever gone to college.

Hey Tami. Let's talk family values!

It's hard to do anything but laugh these days at Tami Fitzgerald and her family values happy talk. It's really quite remarkable. For a group that professes to be all about heartland values and the sanctity of marriage, they sure do associate with a whole bunch of sleaze. Like a middle-aged man who brags about having sex with disturbed teenagers. A guy who married a prostitute, who grabs woman by the pussy. A man who pays women to have abortions.

How does it feel to know you're supporting a morally empty human being? You must be proud.

Snowflakes and deplorables

In the run-up to my 45th Annapolis reunion this fall, I had an email exchange with a former classmate. He's a career Navy officer, a good Christian, and as it turns out, a deplorable. I, on the other hand, am a pinko-liberal-snowflake. Here's how it went.

Hey. I'd love for you to share my email address with (name). In these dark days of ugliness and intolerance, his would be a welcome voice in my life. Thank you for connecting us. Happy new year!

Make Inauguration Day a day of mourning? Not so fast says Chapel Hill.

Dear James:

Thank you for reaching out to the members of the Chapel Hill Town Council and me.

I am writing to respond to your petition. While I, too, am deeply concerned about the impact of Mr. Trump’s words and actions, I believe that it is imperative for local and state elected officials to set a positive tone for our communities so that we can continue to move forward together over the next four years.


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