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Reinstate the Charlotte ordinance, and expand it to 20 other cities

The willingness of progressives to play by the rules against ruthless adversaries has to stop. We keep hoping those adversaries will find morality, but they will not. Their only morality is Machiavellian: winning at any cost.

Just another page?

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster for me, going down, down, down with only the hint of "up" here in North Carolina. Cooper's win is huge, there's no debating how important it is. So is Josh Stein's victory. And then there's the NC Supreme Court. I expect Rs to go dirty and expand the court by two seats, one last insult from McCrory. In any case, the overall downward dive of politics is relentlessly discouraging.

The headline should say "Mental Health CEO Tries To Defend His Salary at Legislature"

Mental Health CEO Defends His Salary at Legislature.

Take a look at this great story by Rosemary Hoban. Another fine example of Republicans plundering public funds.

Will the General Assembly put a stop to it? Not likely. Somebody's scratching somebody else's back, the public be damned.

SBOE breakdown

As you know, the State Board of Elections ordered a recount in a number of Durham County precincts, over the objections of Democratic board members. It was a sham proceeding from start to finish, with the conclusion foregone. Nothing new there.

Recount recount

In North Carolina, liberals have given the Evil Empire a lot of grief for contesting Cooper's election. But on the federal level, we're mounting our own presidential challenges in six states based on evidence of criminal activities, irregularities, and any other kind of screw-ups. There will be complaints filed like crazy.

So what's the difference? If we're against McCrory's shenanigans, shouldn't we oppose the Clinton recount too? Structurally, they seem similar, but substantively, they're as different as can be.


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