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How I (and thousands of others) helped the Obama landslide in SC.

The victory on Saturday in South Carolina wasn't a surprise to all the volunteers who had been working for the Obama campaign there, but the extent of the victory was.

For the past few weeks I was one of thousands of volunteers working all over the state of South Carolina to make sure we got the result we saw on Saturday evening.
I'll try to give you a little peek behind the scenes of the campaign from my personal view.

What am I doing in South Carolina?

As you might know by now, I've been spending some of my time as a volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign in South Carolina.
I thought you might be interested in knowing what I'm doing there.

The Obama campaign has several field offices scattered all over South Carolina.
The main Headquarters are of course in Columbia, but I go down to the Rock Hill field office, since that's the closest. It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get there. I mainly go down there on the weekends, but I've also managed to squeeze in a few evenings now and then.

The next original Kissell campaign event

PhotobucketFrom LKSOC (the Larry Kissell School of Original Campaigning) comes the following event, which Under The Dome already calls "the most creative political event of the year".

The Democratic Congressional candidate will host free lead screening of toys from noon to 3 p.m. this Friday in downtown Concord, the hometown of Robin Hayes.

"Not only as a candidate for Congress, but as a parent and school teacher, I'm concerned about dangerous imports and the safety of our children," says Kissell, "I don't believe you have to wait for an election to begin working on behalf of families in the 8th District."

Obama - Oprah 2008

Barack Obama LogoI'll be traveling to Columbia, SC this weekend to spend some time with my in-laws but mostly to spend some more time with My favorite presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

It looks like I won't be alone...

Coy Privette has the last laugh. (Updated)

Yet another installment in the Coy Privette (former NC state representative and current County Commissioner) sex scandal soap. Check my earlier post for a recap on the story.

They chickened out!

In an unbelievable example of "back room politics", the Cabarrus County Commissioners decided tonight to indefinitely table a resolution to censure their fellow Commissioner Coy Privette.It was clear to everyone attending that this was a deal that they arranged and talked about before tonight. Even some TV reporters were convinced this was premeditated and told me so.

[fp'd by Betsy. Let's give the Cabarrus Republicans a brighter spotlight.]


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