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ACLU ELECTION mailers: wrong date for municipal elections

Gabe Talton for Cary Council sign

I don't know how many of you received a large postcard mailer titled GET READY TO VOTE from the ACLU of NC, but I did. So did a friend in Asheville.

I have contacted the local and state Boards of Elections, but they have not taken any action that I am aware of. The ACLU of NC mailer states in large leltters, "Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015"

Christmas in July for Raleigh Developers; Council members in Kane's pocket

Luckily for Raleigh and those who still think Raleigh should be a "livable" community, Jane Porter did a live blog at last night's zoning hearing at Raleigh City Hall. The proposal being addressed was a rezoning that would affect 1/3 of the entire very large city. It would especially impact SE Raleigh, as Olivia Rainey eloquently pointed out to roars of approval from the packed house.

WRAL: McCrory's workers compensation stats questioned

Good work by Mark Binker and Cullen Browder:

Gov. Pat McCrory's claim that more 40 percent of the costs associated with workers compensation claims filed by state employees were related to fraud and abuse is raising skeptical questions from lawyers, union representatives and academics familiar with the issue.

"Our examination of workers compensation estimates that 40 percent of workers costs are related to abuse or outright fraud," McCrory said Wednesday night during the State of the State address. He used that figure to announce a shift in how those claims are handled and declare a new program to fight workers compensation waste.

The WRAL reporters made contacts with the DOI and the Industrial Commission to get confirmation of the statistics McCrory used in his speech Wednesday. They could not find anyone who would or could could make those figures available. They even contacted an academic, who said the only figures he had seen were not even close to 40%--they were more like 2-3%.


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