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WNCN: 'spirited debate Monday in Pinehurst'

Ellmers gets ugly in debate with Clay Aiken

The hour-long debate before delegates to a North Carolina Bankers Association conference will be broadcast at 7 p.m. Monday on WRAL and at 11 p.m. on WRAZ Fox 50. The video will also be available for viewing on through Election Day.

Read more at from WNCN in Raleigh.

Two letters worth reading from N&O today

Note about Roz Savitt's letter: she is a former lobbyist and was a great one. I am watching Tillis' campaign commercial where he brags about "balancing the state's budget." Guess he expects North Carolina voters don't know the Legislature is required to balance the budget, no matter which party is in power. Senator Kay Hagan helped produce balanced state budgets, but I don;t think Democrats turned out budgets that we later learned to be phantom budgets. This years budget was only revealed to be unbalanced after the legislature adjourned so folks like Speaker Tillis could go home to campaign for higher office.

Speaker Tillis' commercial offends my sensibilities about truthfulness.

DRNC calls on McCrory to add staff to protect prisoners

I am sure most of you are now aware that a prisoner at the prison in Taylorsville died. The cause of death could not be exact according to the medical examiner. The prisoner had a mental illness and his actions in the prison had resulted in several punitive measures including cutting off the water to his cell. He died of dehydration, and the US Dept. of Justice is now investigating his death.

Here is story from Michael Biesecker of the AP yesterday:

Rand Paul disagrees with NC GOP leaders

Cat read to vote

From NC Policy Watch:

North Carolina’s Governor and state legislative leaders have indicated that they will appeal today’s Fourth Circuit ruling that enjoined two key voter suppression provisions that they helped enact in the 2013 “monster voting law.” Interestingly, however, this position runs directly contrary to several strong statements by one of the nation’s most prominent GOP presidential contenders, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky...

Also, check out the numerous cat memes flooding the internet in the wake of the AFP mailer fiasco that has resulted in a formal complaint from the NC Democratic Party.

One of 19: Deputy Commissioner Lovelace

Lovelace, Candidate for Court of Appeals

I met Keicsha Lovelace in person and heard her speak at a local Cary Democrats event. She is very impressive, but not in any way arrogant. I decided to endorse her candidacy for NC Court of Appeals after looking for other endorsements. Frankly most have not been made yet, but she has already received the endorsement of the Advocates for Justice, an important one for a judicial race.

Mail-in Absentee Voting procedures

From Laura Leslie's @WRAL

Sept. 5 [was] the first day for voters to request and submit mail-in absentee ballots for the November 4th general election.

The process for voting by mail is different this year because of legislative changes made in 2013.

Voters requesting a mail-in ballot no longer have to submit a handwritten letter. Instead, they can now download and print out a request form, available for download from the N.C. Board of Elections's website...

Hagan's hometown paper gives 'Edge to Tillis'

Today from the the Editorial Page of the Greensboro News & Record:

"Kay Hagan defended her math skills in her debate with Speaker Thom Tillis Wednesday, but she failed to deflect other attacks as effectively.

The Democratic incumbent could have done so much better, but she let her Republican challenger get through the televised encounter with little damage..."


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