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Help Desk

If the Democratic Party wants to regain control of the state legislature as well as congressmen and senators, they need to make some basic changes! For a start, quit having so many committees and meetings and follow the example of Jesse Helms. Establish in each county a "HELP DESK" manned by volunteers from the local party and use the help desk concept to begin to develop a deep and sincere relationship between the party and the individual citizens in each county. A Help Desk will in the long run, produce a deeper relationship between the party and the people.

The first step to retake control of our state

We've spent enough time feeling sorry for ourselves, our state and our country. Now it's time to make a plan and work the plan! We have a short time to get our parties out of dreamland and back into realty. Our neighbors in the 80 rural counties of North Carolina have been disinfranchised by the politicians of both parties for too long. To rectify the conditions, Our first step should be to modify our constution so that the state senate is comprised of 100 senators representing our 100 counties.

Taxation without representation?

I spent my whole life with the mistaken belief that members of the state house were selected based upon population while each member of the state Senate represented a specific County. To me this was in keeping with the model of the U.S. Congress and senate and was fair to every citizen. Was I shocked to learn that this was not the case. Studying the population of the state as a whole I have come to the conclusion that those of our citizenry living in the rural counties have no say in matters of state. They have no power and they never will so long as representatives and senators were elected based upon population. Would somebody please tell me how we put the people in the rural counties and this sort of predicament? Are they not second-class citizens in fact as well as theory?

Illegal Immigrants

If you pay a piece rate you can avoid payroll taxes?

How do illegal immigrants get jobs?

I thought it was illegal to hire an illegal immigrant?

I don't recall having read about anyone being prosecuted for hiring illegal immigrants have you? Doesn't that mean we only have ourselves to blame?

If we now have 11 million did we decide not to prosecute their employers?

I drove through two large developments today (Cary & Apex) and I have yet to see what appeared to be a supervisor, contractor, etc? All I saw were hispanics. Will someone please explain?


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