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Liddy's Money Part Three: The Bush Cabal

Much has been said about Elizabeth Dole's voting record in the Senate being strongly supportive of President George Bush's misguided policies, and that is a legitimate issue by itself. But I believe her behavior as a party apparatchik and deal facilitator has had a much more profound impact on the way our country operates and the direction in which our tax dollars flow. And the more North Carolinians are exposed to the truth about her dealings, the more likely they will realize that she's a salesperson to the moneyed elite, as opposed to a public servant.

McCain and the March of the Emperor Neocons

Inspired by tomorrow's inclusion of a hate propaganda DVD in the Raleigh News & Observer's Saturday Edition, I decided to (once again) try to bring focus to the most important factor in the upcoming national election: whether or not we will allow the empire-builders to continue taking our country down their delusional path to world dominance. And I chose the title (and picture) for a reason: unless their progress is arrested, they will slowly and methodically continue until they reach their objective.

Sustainable Development Part Five: Greenbridge

Very often here at BlueNC, we focus on the things that people are doing wrong. Which is cool, because being progressive means that we eschew complacency and believe in taking active measures to "fix" the things that need fixing. But we also need to recognize progress when it happens, as it demonstrates that our "hope for the future" is neither naive nor in vain.

Sustainable Development Part Four: Large-Scale Hydro

Amidst all the talk these days about meeting our current and future energy demands, hydroelectric power is often merely mentioned in passing, as if it's potential is limited and not as deserving of "excitement" as wind or Solar power. Part of this stems from a basic misunderstanding of the economics of large-scale hydro, while another part is rooted in a justifiable concern about the environmental impacts of these projects. I am also aware that this diary may generate some negative responses, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. :)

The Misinformation Age: or, Where's My Grain of Salt?

Most people consider themselves fairly well-informed, and are not likely to admit that they (personally) are vulnerable to manipulation. Those other people are, of course, but not me. And while we might think we carefully "choose" the sources of our information, our brains often store and edit things according to a different set of often less "enlightened" rules. Whatever. It's part of our psychological makeup, and not likely to change any time soon.

On Peak Oil and Gas Prices: Parsing the Rhetoric

This will come as no surprise to those of you reading this, unless you're three years old and playing around with mommy and/or daddy's computer, in which case you need to a) stop leaning on the keyboard because it's expensive, b) get down from the chair before it rolls back and you bang your head on something, and c) move out smartly because you're about to get caught doing something you know you're not supposed to.

Back to the big people reading this: we are smack in the middle of an Energy Crisis, but most of us don't really understand why. We think we do, because we've been conditioned over the years to respond to rhetoric, but that needs to change.

The Cold War At Home

While there have been substantial reductions in our nuclear arsenal over the last few decades, we still maintain a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons, ranging from the little SADM's up to the monster ICBM's. And even though the threat of world-destroying exchange of hundreds (if not thousands) of missiles between us and Russia is of little concern to any but the most paranoid of tacticians, this arsenal is still considered a key to our defense. (hat tip to my son Steven for bringing this to my attention)

On Manufacturing Job Losses and Outsourced Representation

I usually don't talk too much here about my real job, because it's seldom relevant to our discussions and it's not very "sexy", either. I've been in manufacturing for over 18 years, basically working my way up from driving a forklift to being a division head with 4-7 departments under my "banner", depending on the needs of our management structure.

In Defense Of Mike

I have very recently felt compelled to throw water on the raging fire of criticism that has been directed at our Governor over at The Dome, as it seems that virtually any story about him lately inspires a feeding frenzy of contempt and vitriol.


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