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Alamance County Democratic Convention

I had the honor of representing Jim Neal at the Alamance County Democratic Convention today, and luckily, he showed up just in the nick of time so I could avoid the public speaking aspect of my surrogate duties (whew).

I'm sure I would have done just fine, but since I actually live in Alamance County, it's not like I could just fade away and never come back if I tumbled over a chair ala "America's Funniest Home Videos" or accidentally dropped an F-bomb while speaking. While they may not be as horrific as the nightmare where you show up at school naked, these things were playing in the back of my mind, nevertheless.

Here's our glorious and recently face-lifted courthouse where the Convention took place:

The Politics of Fear

As we head into the final month before the N.C. Democratic primary as a preparation for the upcoming general election, I thought I would take a few minutes to comment on an emotion that we all share in one form or another: fear, and the way it influences our reasoning.

On Publishing And Propaganda

A few months ago, my dear sweet mother (devout Republican) told me in an excited and confident tone, "I've got something you really need to read." Since we're both avid readers of fiction, and more often than not can exchange books to our mutual enjoyment, I was mildly piqued. When she revealed who the author was, I went from piqued to pissed off pretty quickly.

Common Sense For The Birds

We are at a crossroads in North Carolina, my friends. Many forces are being brought to bear on us, and we have some very important decisions to make. And make them we must, or the fate of our state and the people and animals that inhabit it will be at risk. Global Warming is not a myth, it's a reality. And it's not simply a natural occurrance of which we are mere spectators, it's an artifact of our own shortsightedness and lack of vision. We brought this monster to life, and we're the only ones who can kill it.

Stealth Nukes: or, You Won't Find Any Extra Water in the Backroom

There's been a moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power stations for many years, and for many damned good reasons. Those reasons range from safety to economics with many environmental concerns in between, and are (mostly) based on numerous in-depth and qualified studies that had/have our best interests at heart.

Billions Squandered on Abstinence in Africa

In addition to its catastrophically mishandled Global War on Terror, and the possibly even more worrisome campaign to erode our civil liberties, this administration should also be remembered for its inability to recognize the failure of government-mandated morality, and the human costs this ignorance brings about.

Numerous studies have shown the dismal failure of abstinence-only programs to curb teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases here in the U.S. While abstinence-plus programs have fared slightly better, it is plain to anybody whose judgment is not clouded by unrealistic faith-based expectations that stopping people from having sex is about as effective as blocking a flood with a couple of sandbags placed end-to-end.

For the Good of the Gulf

In the wake of John Edwards' decision to bow out of the race for the Presidency, many of us have found ourselves feeling like positive change has, once again, been postponed to some future date. It's a hard pill to swallow, and mine is stuck somewhere just below my Adam's Apple, and I can't seem to get the damned thing to go down.

Tune In To WUNC Noon Today

I just received this E-mail in my inbox:

Debate on Cliffside & Climate, Tuesday 5th

Tuesday at noon, NC WARN’s Jim Warren and a Duke Energy official will be Frank Stascio’s guests on WUNC Radio’s State of Things. (91.5 FM. You can also hear it live or later at

It is also broadcast through WRQM, 90.9 FM Rocky Mount and WUND, 88.9 FM Manteo/Columbia.


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