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Alamance officers shared and joked about violent racist video game

The Department of Justice filed documents this week showing evidence that officers in the Alamance County deputies - some in leadership positions - shared and joked about a violent racist video game.

“Captain Mario Wiley emailed several other ACSO employees a link to a game premised on shooting stereotypical Mexican figures, including pregnant women and children, as they attempt to cross the U.S. border,” the document explains. “Blood splatters on the screen as the figures are shot, and the final screen of the game shows how many ‘wetbacks’ one has killed.”

Why are Dems on local election boards limiting early voting hours?

The Wautaugawatch blog asks a good question.

As Pat McCrory so memorably said, Early Voting has been "compacted." Though the number of days of Early Voting has been reduced from 17 to 10, the total number of hours that polls were open during Early Voting in 2012 must be duplicated in the shortened Early Voting period of 2014, unless an individual county board of elections unanimously requests an exemption from the rule.

So why did the Dems in 32 local election boards vote to reduce the number of early voting hours?

The complete list, as given at the blog:


NY Times: McCrory administration officials blocked enforcement in DENR

The NY Times is out with an in-depth look at the change in culture at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, with administration officials forcing staffers to concentrate on "customer service", giving Duke Energy a slap on the wrist.

Amy Adams, a former supervisor who left the agency last year, said that the mantra of the current leadership was about “customer service,” but that did not include citizens who might live downstream from a polluter.

She and others said they were told to stop writing Notices of Violation to polluters, which can prompt fines, and instead to issue a Notice of Deficiency, which she likened to a state trooper giving a warning instead of a speeding ticket.

Cock fighting, sex scandals, absentee votes and the NC legislature

The Winston-Salem Journal has a three-part series that tries to sort out the convoluted story of the struggle for control of the town council of Ronda, North Carolina, a small town with just over 400 residents.

The Wautaugawatch posted about the whole affair back in November, summarizing the key players. In short, it involves a Republican involved in cock-fighting, his Tea Bagger girlfriend who was involved with a sex scandal with a Republican now serving in the General Assembly, and a Democratic mayor that was the target of a special law passed by the NC state legislature. The whole mess has wound up in court.

Part 1

NC Council of Churches on NC voting laws

The NC Council of Churches has published a piece at their website, looking closely at changes to NC's voting laws and race. Their conclusion:

When discrimination against members of a certain party becomes discrimination against members of a certain race, it seems fair to conclude that a line has been crossed – a line too reminiscent of times when black Americans could be treated like dirt whenever it suited the whites who wrote the rules.

McCrory shills for oil exploration off the coast of NC

Drill, baby, drill.

The News and Observer reports that McCrory, along with the governors of Virginia, Mississippi and Alabama, met with the Interior Secretary yesterday to press for oil and gas exploration off the coast of NC.

I guess since a little coal ash spill is such a minor inconvenience to the state, a little drilling off the coast won't hurt anything. What could happen?

What's the role of Civitas in the Forsyth BOE decision on early voting sites?

The Winston-Salem Chronicle has the story on a recent meeting of the Forsyth Board of Elections where the Board approved a list of early voting sites that puts the majority of early voting polling places in white suburban parts of the county and only one in the city of Winston-Salem where the majority of voters reside.

Several residents also asked the board to extend the evening hours to allow for voting after normal business hours or expand the voting schedule on Saturday May 3, the only weekend voting option during the primary early voting schedule.

“It is my understanding that there’s only one Saturday voting time, and I would really appreciate it if the board would consider enlarging that,” said Charles Wilson. “…I want us to be fair to workers in particular. They need that extra day.”

Spotlight on extremist Forsyth BOE chair Ken Raymond

If you live in Forsyth, consider putting some pressure on the powers that be to get Forsyth Board of Elections Chair Ken Raymond removed from his post.

I missed this in the flurry of news coming from Raleigh, but Q-Notes published a piece about him in January.

After the Winston-Salem Chronicle in an editorial said Raymond "would be the result if Allen West and Herman Cain could produce a lovechild," he responsed to the newspaper with a diatribe against gays and lesbians. The Camel City Dispatch chimed in on Raymond's remarks.

Nance told qnotes that The Chronicle‘s response to Raymond’s actions is reflective of the feeling in the local African-American community and the larger Forsyth County community.

Economic impacts of the Duke Energy coal ash spill

The Greensboro News and Record has two reports this morning on the coal ash spill.

Tourism businesses speak out about how the spill has impacted them, with fears that Duke Energy has tarnished the reputation of the area in the same way that that BP ruined small businesses in the Guil with the oil spill in 2010. Fox8 in Greensboro also looked at how local businesses are being impacted the spill two days ago.


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