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McCrory spreads climate change myth and takes credit for cleaning up the environment

On CBS News this morning, Bob Scheiffer interviewed Deputy Assistant Governor about the storms in the state, challening him on his previous statement that climate change "was in God's hands". McCrory insisted his was misquoted and went on to say:

“But I will say this, that I feel that there has always been climate change. The debate is really how much is really man made, and how much will it cost to have any impact on climate change.”

Perhaps someone needs to introduce Pat to the 97% of climate experts that agree that climate change is man-made.

News and Observer on Moral Monday numbers - 1993 all over again?

The News and Observer has a cover story on estimates of the numbers of protestors at the recent Moral March on Raleigh.

Peter Anlyan, a consultant who produced an estimate for the orgnizers, put the number at 70,000 to 80,000. Anlyan goes into detail about how he "guesstimated" the crowd, checking with Raleigh police about turnout and capacity for the area for other events, like First Night on Fayetteville Street.

State Supreme Court Justice candidate sends out fundraising letter ... signed by Art Pope

NC Policy watch has the scoop on the black hole of Art Pope money influencing North Carolina elections.

First up, State Supreme Court Justice candidate Bob Hunter sent out a letter for an exclusive and expensive fundraising event signed by Art Pope, who just happens to currently serve as McCrory's Budget Director.

If elected, will Hunter excuse himself from cases involving the administration to avoid any conflict of interest?

And DHHS Secrety Aldona Wos has a connection to a Civitas fundraiser:

Breaking: Feds investigating NC Department of Environment's handling of Duke Energy spill

From the AP:

Federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation into North Carolina's environmental agency following a massive coal ash spill on the Dan River.

The U.S. Attorney's Office issued a grand jury subpoena requesting records from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. They include emails, memos and reports from 2010 through the Feb. 2 spill.

The order commands the state environmental agency's chief lawyer to appear next month before the grand jury in Raleigh. Agency spokesman Drew Elliot says the state will cooperate with the federal investigators.

Guilford School Board to sue state over law abolishing teacher tenure

The Greensboro News and Record has the details.

The school board voted unanimously Tuesday to challenge the law and ask for relief from laws requiring it to offer contracts to certain teachers in exchange for their tenure. Board members said the law is unconstitutional, and its wording unclear. The board said the law “represents yet another thinly veiled attack on public education and educators.”

Phil Berger sent a letter to the Board earlier in the day, saying their action ignoring part of the law was "illegal".

The Board's attorney argues that the law changes teacher salary and status without due process.

Is there a significant law passed by this Tea Bagger legislature that isn't getting challenged in court?

Koch Americans for Prosperity makes $1.4 million anti-Hagan ad buy

Politico has the scoop. The ad campaign includes television, radio, digital ads and "grassroots actions". (Funny - how can something be a "grassroots action" when it's funded by a couple of billionaires?

“We want to make sure Obamacare and all the pain it’s causing is the number one issue on everyone’s mind,” said AFP president Tim Phillips. “Kay Hagan is being held accountable for a law that is causing cancelled insurance plans, lost access to doctors and rising costs.”

Backed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, this is just the latest onslaught of ads the group has launched in North Carolina. In 2013, AFP spent millions targeting Hagan and has already engaged in a major television ad buy in January.

McCrory starting $4 million boondoggle government "study"

The News and Observer is reporting this morning that the McCrory administration, with funding from the Tea Bagger Republicans in the legislature, is going to dish out $4 million for a study on how to "reform" government.

The General Assembly last summer gave Gov. Pat McCrory's administration $4 million through mid-2015 to hire a consultant for the North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform initiative and report back with its findings. Looking for budget savings and better methods is a common mantra of elected officials and department heads, but formal undertakings to find them are rare.

The report (NC GEAR) will be landing in February 2015 and the consultant hired later this month.

Anyone want to take bets on which Civitas, Pope or Koch lackey lands the consulting contract?

Burr and company using bogus stinktank to bolster ACA alternative

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma published a press release yesterday, touting that something called the "Center for Health Economy" gave a glowing review to the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act. It's been picked up by several Tea Bagger and conservative sites.

If you'll recall, Burr, Hatch and Coburn recently introduced this legislation as part of the party's "all Obamacare, all the time" campaign for the midterm elections.

I've done some Google searching and, for the life of me, I can't find anything at all about the "Center for Health Economy". It's only when you go to the website for the release, you find out the proper name of it is the "Center for Heath and Economy" and, Googling that, you discover it's a stinktank started by a Republican operative a few weeks ago and funded by the Republicans.

Assignment for reporters: Explain and graph the McCrory administration like this

Attention NC newspaper reporters and editors: here's an opportunity for you to serve the public interest.

The NY Times published a piece today that you should look at, describing the day to day workings of the Christie administration in New Jersey, identifying the key players and how the politics of the governor's office in the state works.

It's a model for reporting that goes beyond the "who/what/when/where" of what passes for most news these days to explore "how" and "why".

While we gets dribs and drabs about this public appearance or that scandal happening in Raleigh, I would like to see someone give this kind of in-depth explanation of the McCrory administration's key players. The only thing lacking are pop-up boxes and sidebars that give more information about the background of each person.

Any enterprising reporters up for the challenge?

Pat McCrony - Presidential candidate in 2016?

The NY Times Magazine cover of "planet Hillary" got me thinking recently about the field for the Republicans in 2016 and how laughable their potential candidates are.

Mitt seems to be self-deluded into thinking that he just had the wrong advertising, forgetting that it's going to be tough to shake off his image as an out of touch billionaire after his leaked video fiasco. I don't see Mittens running again.

The RNC did a straw poll of potential candidates and none seem to have any realistic chance of succeeding.


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