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Money talks. Congress listens.

Money Talks. Congress Listens.

Does the NRA reflect the feelings of its members or the needs of its donors? What are its real priorities? A survey of membership in 2012 found that 74% of members are in favor of mandatory background checks for gun purchases. 74%. Why does NRA rhetoric not reflect this in their chosen talking points but instead pushes against background checks? Could it be that they don’t really serve their members but their masters--the armament producers? In the minds of most Americans there is a big difference between defending an individual’s right to gun ownership and a manufacturer’s supposed right to make huge profits by selling the same.

Voter ID says we are guilty until proven innocent

In our country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty; voter ID requirements say everyone is guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. According to our Declaration of Independence, legitimate governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. That consent is gained through the process of voting.

The act of voting is a sacred American rite. Voting says that the government is accountable to the people; Voter ID says the people are accountable to the government. Voter ID turns American democracy upside down.

Les Miz comes to NC

Les Miz comes to North Carolina. In more ways than one.

The movie opened here over Christmas and is truly well done. But in North Carolina today, the truly miserable are North Carolina’s Democrats and liberals; miserable in concern over what the now Republican government of our state is going to do to the ones we love; education through public schools and universities, mental health care, environment protections, clean air standards, and the list goes on.

Watching the movie, whose sets depict a landscape totally devoid of any ‘safety net’ for the poor, one cannot help but see the future as envisioned by the starker conservative theories on governing. A future without unemployment benefits, medicare, social security or mental health services.

At it again, the Voter Integrity Project.

The so-called Voter Integrity Project is at it again, this time objecting to the vote of college students that appears to affect the election of Democrats at the local level. They seem to believe that if you don't own property locally you should not vote in local elections. They have an op-ed piece in the Durham Herald Sun. I posted some comments in their on-line version of this piece, opposing the article. Many BlueNC readers have taken note of the so-called work done by this group. They must be called out, often and loudly.

I encourage you to call them on their so-called desire to promote free and fair elections.

Attention NRA

Attention National Rifle Association:
I believe in the Second Amendment. I have studied history and I know that when a government wants to turn it’s citizens into subjects, the first thing they do is deny access to weaponry. The founding fathers made this amendment a part of our constitution as a way to keep constant, subtle pressure on government to maintain the freedoms they envisioned for us all.


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