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The UNC BOG interim Pres W. Louis Bissette, jr. addressed NCGA this afternoon on the process the BOG went through in deciding on appropriate salaries for chancellors at each level of our university system by seeking comparison salaries at comparable schools. Our salaries needed to be adjusted. Upwards.

Social Media & Politics

This was a very interesting State BOElections meeting. The chair of Rowan Co's board has made social media posts that were racist in nature and also used social media to endorse candidates. As the face of the Elections board, this is not appropriate--the chair must maintain conduct that reassures the public that elections are fair, and fairly run.

Idiocy Not Limited To Food Stamps

Rep. Pittman, from Cabarrus County, takes today’s prize. He suggested Planned Parenthood “gave out” contraceptives that don’t work so they could “get more business.” That’s right, folks.

There was “bargaining” in the videos, he said, and “oh, I want a Lamborghini...” so we have to sell more women on an abortion to get that tissue.

“The very idea that Planned Parenthood would want to reduce abortions is ludicrous...they’re making money off of it....”

The Micromanaged Life

Dear NCGA,
I usually make decisions on my own but as you seem to have the answer for everything that ails North Carolina, I thought I’d seek your advice on a few things.

It’s raining this morning, what should I wear? Should I take an umbrella with me? And should I take lunch or eat out?

Another Reason to Vote Democratic

The hard right doesn’t want to govern, they want to rule. And they want to rule right now.

One of the millions of articles on the resignation of Speaker John Boehner commented that:

Boehner’s tormentors refused to accept the limits of his political power.

They refuse to accept the limits of his political power.

Losing Faith in our Courts

America's judicial system is no longer interested in the common man.

I believe I've mentioned here before something I read many years ago and can no longer find. A statement that said,

Americans will take a lot of abuse from their legislative officials and from their executive as long as they can trust their court system. But when Americans lose trust in the judicial system, watch out, because the revolution is coming.

Another Ed Bill Reappears

Another Education issue is back.

SB 524 will be heard in the House Committee on Rules on Monday.
The bill came up earlier in the session, and apparently, went on vacation for a while. Now it is back.

Charter schools, #NCGA,

The Senate has gutted House Bill 539 and replace it with their own language. This bill will now take even more money away from traditional public schools and give it to charter schools. Please note, this will require counties to give part of their capital funding for school facilities to charter schools. This is a big, big change.

SEX is back, at ‪#‎NCGA‬!!

Sex Education, that is. They just can't keep their hands off of it.

Now that I have your attention, a new addition to SB279 would allow anyone who calls themselves an expert to approve sex ed curricula-meaning ANYTHING could be taught. It could be written by James Dobson's Focus on the Family or your Great Aunt Rose.

Once again, teach lies and call it education. This opens the door to Abstinence Only, or any kind of erroneous information a school or district finds their parents are comfortable with.


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