Thank You

Dear Friends,

After giving a serious and thorough look at a race for the U.S. Senate, I have decided not to seek office at this time. This has been a very difficult decision, but I’m sure there will be another day and there are many other ways to serve.

I am deeply committed to public service and have a passion for working on the serious issues facing our State and country. A campaign for the Senate is about winning and working to be a part of the answer. As a candidate, I have to look supporters in the eye and show them how we win – and what we do when we get there. After a very careful look, I’ve concluded that this is the wrong race at the wrong time for me and my family.

I also owe it to my family – before committing us to a hard year – to be a husband and father first. My family’s willingness to support me in a Senate race is an expression of their love. This decision to put time with them first is an expression of mine. Here on the eve of Veteran’s Day, I am reminded of the over 900 days our family has been separated because of active military service in the last few years. Today, I choose to be home.

This has been a very, very difficult decision, in part because of my commitment to service, but also because of the many folks who have offered encouragement, help, time, enthusiasm, unsolicited contributions (which were returned), counsel, prodding, restraint and a willingness to suspend their own lives over the last few months. These include the friend who started this whole thing by posting the idea on a Public Policy Polling blog this Spring and the Facebook crew who ignited the grassroots and broadcast messages, images and video far and wide and the many active members of the Democratic Party, who have asked tough questions, offered sincere support and believe in the principles that make our country strong. I am humbled and very much in your debt.

I am also grateful to some extraordinary professionals and devoted friends who have provided guidance and assistance as I tested the waters, who helped cobble together a financial plan and team that would make the race winnable, and who care greatly about the future of our country.

Thanks, too, to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for their professionalism, encouragement and guidance on putting together a campaign team of the best. Their partnership is an essential ingredient in winning Senate campaigns.

Finally, there are a special few – from family to friends to law firm colleagues – who exercised incredible patience as we gave this race the close attention that it deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To all, I am very grateful. To all, I am confident that our best days as a country are truly ahead.




Thank you, Cal

I know we'll be seeing you. I'm sorry it won't be for this campaign, but I will look forward to that day.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The Bullet Burr Dodged

Have a look at this video. I was developing a slate of things like this for Cal's campaign. We were holding them for the announcement. I've got a bunch of these. Maybe it's macabre to roll them out for THIS occasion, but I'd just like to give everybody a taste of what they'll miss over the next year...

A strong, attractive candidate who embodied several stark contrasts with the weak Republican incumbent Senator; can't imagine why the leadership stalled this man's campaign out of existence...

Zip ahead to 1:25 for the kicker.

Sorry to hear that

I was sorry to see that you've decided not to run, but it is certainly understandable. But I must say I was starting to get excited by the prospect of your campaign. Especially with all the great things Frank Eaton had to say. Now that Nov 3rd has passed, I was starting to think about what campaigns I was going to get into volunteering for next, and your potential campaign had certainly crossed my mind quite a few times.

Since you were considering running I must conclude that you consider it time for the republican incumbent Burr to be ousted, and I hope you don't mind if I share some info about other options for ousting Burr, here are some other choices:

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall

Kenneth Lewis (who has lived blogged/answered questions here on BlueNC a couple of times)

Thanks for your public service & service to our country, and I look forward to the day when you do run for office again!

Jake Gellar-Goad


Thanks for sharing this with us ... heartbreaking news. The only reason I can think of that would motivate this announcement is the possibility that Etheridge is going to run. Do you know anything about that?

Maybe you can take on that little piece of nothing named McHenry?


Maybe the House

Cal, could you be persuaded to run for one of the current Republican House seats? I don't know what district you are in, but NC-05 could use a strong candidate and so could NC-10.

50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

If facebook is any guide

it says he's in Lexington, which would probably put him in 12 or 6, although maybe but not likely 5. If he could & did run in 5, that would be awesome. And this is why:

She's a death paneler

Matthew Sheppard's murder was a hoax, said with his mother in the audience

"I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country."

I grew up in the district 5 area, and after these recent performances, I think if ever there was a time a challenger could take it, it is now.

If he's in NC-06

Maybe he can encourage Coble to retire.

Know any teabaggers who might primary Coble?

50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

Cal, I'm ready when you are

We here in Watauga are ready to fight the good fight against Virginia Foxx. We think you'd make a hellova candidate.

What a good idea!

If there was ever a righteous mission for an honorable veteran, it would be to cause the retirement of Virginia Foxx, whose bigotry and ignorance can only be called astounding. I don't care where he lives, that district needs a sane representative. Cal seems like just the guy to do it.

Big loss

I'm disappointed. Cal was very strong on the issue of energy and the environment. He is the only candidate I've seen at US DOE Meetings, at Climate Legislation Briefings, at state meetings on clean energy. I hope the others add this to their priorities. You can't have healthy people on a sick planet. We MUST get comprehensive climate legislation through Congress ASAP and we need our candidates to be strong here -- obviously Sen. Burr is highly vulnerable on this issue.

It's time for everybody to get behind Elaine.

I believe a big part of the reason all the guys are falling by the wayside is the fact that they have seen the writing on the wall. Elaine would have whipped them all in the primary. She will be our next United States Senator from North Carolina.

Sweet Union Dem

Asking Cal to reconsider

I wrote a note here...
(I'd repost it on BlueNC, but it would take a while to do all the formatting, & clicking on a link is simple enough)

...which lead me to having some thoughts and discussions about the campaign, which lead me to asking Cal to reconsider by posting on his facebook group wall here:
I said "We need your voice in this campaign, and a new voice in Washington. Please consider running." and I hope others will post on his wall asking the same.