Vacationing with ALEC: The NC GOP migrates South

In search of cookie-cutter legislation:

In my conversations with those who have attended ALEC events in the past, a lot of the focus has been on developing model legislation. This focus combined with corporate donors who pay for lawmaker scholarships (see below) lead many to question the probity, or at least the appearance of conflict, the event stirs. (NPR did a story this year changes to Arizona criminal/prison laws that apparently started at an ALEC conference, much to the benefit of a conference sponsor.

Again, hat-tip to Mark Binker for linking to this Pro-Publica tutorial on how to research ALEC. Check it out, and if you do dig up some useful info on NC legislation or legislators, (please) post it here for folks to check out:

For decades, a discreet nonprofit has brought together state legislators and corporate representatives to produce business-friendly “model” legislation. These “model” bills form the basis of hundreds of pieces of legislation each year, and they often end up as laws. As media scrutiny [1] of the nonprofit—the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC—has grown, we’ve built both a guide and a searchable database [2] so you can see for yourself how ALEC’s model bills make their way to statehouses.

A lot of great resources are linked in that tutorial, and I'm sure there's a lot of NC stuff in there. I've been meaning to delve deeper into this, but work has been sapping my energy. But when I saw this Tweet a few minutes ago:

TerryStoops 11:56am via TweetDeck Just saw @ThomTillis at #ALEC2011 and you would not believe what we was doing...sitting alone, talking on phone! #evilALEC #ncpol #ncga

I realized I'd put it off too long.

Terry, ALEC might not be truly evil in the biblical sense. But the fact that the NC GOP would prefer our laws be fashioned by some national entity instead of creating it themselves, and that you would go online as an apologist for that trend, makes my brain hurt so much it borders on the evil.


Republicans and ALEC

And then there is Bill Brisson who is a Democrat to his constituents, but voted with the Republicans on almost everything this year. Even HIS district was redrawn and he LIKES it. Oh, and he went with the Republicans to ALEC.


Yep. There's a few

Red D's walking the halls of our General Assembly. I was going to say "Red-Ass Monkey" D's, but that would be a touch on the crude side, so I'm not going to say it. :)