Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with some meme-busting:

NCPoliticalBeat 9:52am via dlvr.it [Off the Record] Intolerance at Elon bit.ly/WtXpfU #NCPol

This should be a no-brainer, but: fighting against intolerance is not intolerance, at least not in the illogical "false equivalency" approach the right is trying to sell. Especially in the post-Citizens United era when companies like Chick-Fil-A can spend unlimited monies from their general funds (retail profits) to warp our public policy, we must hold them accountable when they (with malice and aforethought) target a subset of our population with an eye towards dehumanizing them. That's not intolerance, it's called standing up for each other. It doesn't get more American than that.

highcountrynews Oct 15, 5:09pm via TweetDeck RT @RhiFionn: High Levels of #CoalAsh Contaminants Found in NC Waters — Duke University po.st/GDQ2xH #ncga

And it's a pretty nasty mixture:

In Mountain Island Lake, a primary source of drinking water for Charlotte, pore water samples collected from lake sediment during the summers of 2010 and 2011 contained up to 250 parts per billion of arsenic – roughly 25 times higher than current EPA standards for drinking water, and nearly twice the EPA standard for aquatic life.

Samples collected during the summer of 2011 from coal ash waste flowing to the French Broad River in Asheville contained arsenic levels more than four times higher than the EPA drinking water standard, and selenium levels 17 times higher the agency’s standard for aquatic life. Excessive levels of cadmium, antimony and thallium were also detected in the wastewaters.

I'm sure there's a few global warming deniers out there thinking, "That's what you get for making them install those expensive scrubbers!" Idiots.

AFPNC 7:33am via web "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." -Ronald Reagan #ncpol #ncga #tcot pic.twitter.com/zGQFDmv6

If you're supposed to be "good and unafraid", then why don't you reveal the sources for the millions in television ads that AFP and Crossroads GPS are running this year? Evil is powerful if the good are afraid to ask too many questions...

jonathankappler 10:13am via TweetDeck by my count atleast 100 diff Prez ads have run n NC since May 8 primary. Obama: 34. Romney: 33. GOP Groups: 31. Dem Groups: 2 #NCPOL #NCPREZ

See my statement above. Crossroads alone has spent over 70 million so far, most of that money coming from a handful of anonymous millionaires. Our Republic is for sale, but most of us can't afford the pricetag.

ChadBarefoot 10:00am via Tweet Button Justice Paul Newby, Tough but fair: youtu.be/Sumn4Hc9OvM #ncpol #ncga #consnc

A Supreme Court justice is supposed to focus on making sure lower courts didn't run afoul of the Constitution, and that established legal procedures and protections were observed. The terms "tough" and "fair" shouldn't even be in the discussion, unless the candidate in question and his followers are clueless about what the job actually is.

TriciaNC1 12:06pm via Tweet Button
Anyone from Gaston County #NC ? Rick Santorum will be at the Gastonia #GOP office on Thursday at 11:45am for event. #ccot #ncpol #nctcot

I thought the GOP Clown Car was in the shop having the cylinders bored out from all the friction damage? Maybe he's riding in on one of those little mini-bikes the shriners use...

And here's your Onion for the week:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

Swing State Analysis: Candidates must appeal to Florida's younger voters (ages 70-80) and older voters (ages 80-90) http://onion.com/TnM7Fn




jonathankappler 3:30pm via TweetDeck GOP consulting firm has poll showing Bob Steinburg (R) leading Bill Luton (D) 49-34 in NC House District 1 bit.ly/V4Vdb8 #NCGA #NCPOL

Can anybody give me some grid coordinates on the boundaries of District 1? I need to program that shit into my Garmin so my Honda doesn't accidentally cross over into Crazyville. Which is not to be confused with Funky Town. That place rocks.