Boss man

Having written for years about Art Pope's electioneering, I'm sorry to report that I was right all along. At this point, there's really nothing else to say besides, "You've earned a special place in hell, Mr. Pope."

From the Governor’s mansion, to the General Assembly to the courts to the university system to the regulatory agencies to the increasingly conservative mainstream news media, Pope lackeys and apologists now run the show in our state (or soon will). Like some long-bullied kid in a horror movie who quietly and ruthlessly engineers the demise of his tormentors, Pope has suddenly emerged as the unchallenged kingpin of the Tar Heel state.

And, barring a miracle, North Carolinians (and the public structures and systems that once set them apart from the rest of the old confederacy) are about to experience the full effects of his backward-looking agenda.

Progressives who want to resist this agenda have their work cut out for them.


Maybe Art might be a Alien Lizard after all?

Relax James! We will get the head Lizard the next time when he trys to repo my 92 Chev on the Lizard Lick Repo Towing TV Show. I am planning on turning loose the Reneck Repub Meth Heads on him claiming he wants to outlaw their businesses as a anti-captialist communist 1% group.......

You are one crazy dude.

Maybe Mac will hire you as his liaison to Warehouse 13.

it's over

republicans will own NC for the next 30 years. so much for a blue nc. i'm moving to virginia. the rednecks can have it.

I think you're right

Unfortunately, I can't leave for family reasons. But since I'm staying here, I'm committed to being one big pain in their Republican asses for every one of those 30 years.

I see many, many law suits in their future ... and probably in mine.

Art Pope is on McCrory's transition team.

Is my depression over this unwarranted? Reading this thread is making me very very sad.

I still feel a bit lost not knowing enough of the back story since I've only lived here 3+ years. You obviously know more than I.

Part of that not-knowing has blocked part of the anticipation of doom... So I should go ahead and let the doom run rampant, you think?

-- another not-so-newbie North Carolinian ;-)

Go ahead and let the doom run rampant

It is entirely warranted, and may even be a precondition for emerging from the ashes. But you also need to dig out your camo and face paint ... and join the inevitable pushback.

These clowns think they have power just because they control the government. And without a doubt, they will over-reach. It's in their DNA.

In the meantime, be sure to find the most litigious non-profits related to your issues of concern, and start supporting them. Southern Environmental Law Center and SELC are my top two.

If you are a white, upper-middle-class straight man, none of what the Rs will do will hurt you in the short term.

If you are a woman, a poor person, an unemployed person, a black person, a brown person, a teacher, a low-wage hourly worker, or a business person who depends on a clean environment, you will start to feel the impacts of Art Pope's agenda quickly.

If you are a business person who depends on an educated workforce, you will be relocating to another state within the next few years.

May want to go farther

You may want to go farther north. Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has repeatedly made the news for the crazy conservative stuff they've done in VA with their Republican led House and Senate. Maryland looks pretty solidly Democratic though, and they just passed marriage equality to boot.