New York Times - Decline of NC, Part II

Looks like Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory is going to have to get his angry on again at the New York Times. In their blog, the Times continues their Decline of NC editorial with a piece highlighting the dismantling of NC's public financing system for judicial elections.

The comments are already pouring in, highlighting Governor Pope's role in assembling the "best" NC government money can buy.


Just wondering....

The thought occurred to me this morning that since the NC NAACP has been such a strong organizing force behind Moral Mondays and since Art Pope's stores are concentrated around low-income and minority neighborhoods, if there's been any decrease in sales. There were calls for a boycott of Pope's stores awhile back from a progressive group that didn't seem to get that much interest or traction. I'm wondering if NAACP and Black church leaders going up against the legislature is getting the word out that Pope isn't the best person in the world to give your money to.