Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with a detestable specimen of right-wing trickery:

He's lucky I wasn't there at the time. Evil Steve has been itching to emerge, if only for a few minutes.

No matter how hard you try, you can't make these two ladies look bad.

If the good rector believes Tillis gives two shits about the Anglican Church, he needs to spend more time in communion with the holy spirit.

Hahahahahaha...(deep breath)...Hahahahahaha! Is that supposed to be a coup de grace? Romney may have won North Carolina two years ago, but he LOST the race. And the more extreme right-wing you are, the more that pisses you off. So please, go ahead and bring Mittens here, but you better keep the limo running.

More detritus from my Facebook feed:

I can't keep up with all the new "organizations" popping up to oppose Kay Hagan. The flood of dark money makes the tsunami that hit Banda Aceh look like a ripple of water caused by a slight breeze in comparison.

How dare you tell me which cities not to visit! Just for that, I'm going to visit each one. And if that entails also visiting their emergency rooms, so be it.

Gee thanks, it's not like we haven't already been constantly bombarded by negative television ads and social media...Oh wait, that's my post. Nevermind. ;)

Pretty soon our judges won't just be wearing robes, they'll be completely hidden under a burkha.

And that is clearly evident in the GOP's rhetoric and legislative actions, which is why poor little Pete here is trying to make a joke out of it. It ain't gonna work, pal, but keep right on making an ass out of yourself.

You got that right. Efforts by the House GOP to destabilize the US government and unleash third-world economic hardship on the American people are a direct assault on the nation and its citizens, and should be treated as such.

That's about all the right-wing nonsense I can take for one day. Here's your Onion:

Okay, that is very funny. But it's still frickin' politics. Let's try again:




The "Do Nothing" Caucus:

"Shut down the government!" "Why did you shut down the government?" "I didn't shut down the government!" "What should we do about the government?" "We should shut it down! Didn't I already not say that?"