National Organzation for Marriage drops $100K for Tillis

Why would Thom Tillis would spend state funds defending NC's Amendment One after Supreme Court rulings struck down the law as unconstitutional? Why would Tillis spend those funds to hire a flunkie from the National Organization for Marriage to file briefs on the case?

Was it just pandering for extremist evangelical votes?

Buzzfeed reveals that the National Organization for Marriage is dropping over $100,000 into the NC Senate race in its final days.

The group, which opposes same-sex couples’ marriage rights, spent $117,000 in postcard mailers distributed on Monday in support of Republican North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis or in opposition to Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan. The information was reported in a filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Tillis, in his role as speaker, has attempted to fight lawsuits that resulted in bringing marriage equality to North Carolina earlier this month.

Additionally, NOM will be running a television ad in support of “traditional marriage” during the 6 p.m. news broadcast in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ad will run three times, at a cost of $8,400. The agreement form for the ad states that it is not communicating “a message relating to any political matter of national importance,” does not list any candidates referenced in the ad, and is signed by Frank Schubert — the man behind ads supporting California’s Proposition 8 and similar measures elsewhere.

Was there some behind the scenes coordination between the Tillis campaign and the National Organization for Marriage for this little arrangement? Or was this done with just a little "wink, wink, nudge, nudge"? What's Phil "Abuse of Power" Berger's role in all of this?



Critics calling out NOM for inaccuracy of their anti-Hagan ad

You can watch NOM's anti-Hagan ad buy here. They're falsely claiming that Hagan pushed through the judge who handed down the decision - a judge that went unopposed through the Senate confirmation process with glowing praises from Richard Burr.

With gay marriage recognized in over thirty states, the National Organization for Marriage is showing desperation to rehash charges against Hagan that have been debunked hundreds of times over the past few weeks.

With NOM quickly loosing a reason for existing, is their involvement and pay-off with state funds by Tillis and Berger an effort to move their key members into some other kind of roles in DC if Tillis gets elected?