Tuesday Twitter roundup

Most relevant to this year's election:

If You Must Vote on Touch-Screen and Your Vote Flips...
•Try to capture it with your cell phone camera
•Call poll supervisors to observe the problem.
•Fill out a problem report.
•Refuse to vote on that machine.
•Request that the machine be taken out of service.
•Get the serial number of the machine if possible (may be difficult in some cases, but it's usually on the back).
•Tell other voters in line which machine it was and that they should NOT vote on that machine!
•Report it to the county/town election office.
•Report it to the Secretary of State.
•Call local reporters and tell them the story.
•Call 866-OUR-VOTE and tell them.
•Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
•Raise holy hell.

It's already happened at two different voting sites in Guilford County. Which also happens to be a Hagan stronghold. I'm sure that's just a coincidence...

In case you're wondering, President Obama's photo is in color because a black-and-white photo like Kay's would make him appear more white than black. Can't have that.

Definitely related:

And on Nov. 5th you'll be able to add Tillis' sad face to that collection.

That hurts just reading it. But the laughter helps. ;)

I'll have something clever to say about this. When I finally figure out what the fuck you're talking about, that is...

That's somewhere in the top five Coolest Things Ever...

I do love me some Clay Aiken, but I really wanted to post that picture of Rodney. #youarethemansir

More follies from my Facebook feed to...forage on. Sorry, I wanted an even four f's:

Yeah, that's just what we need, an Internet-granted concealed-carry qualification.

Okay, just because I followed the link, it doesn't mean I was really interested, but:

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I already "joined" once, asshole. And you want to talk about people "misusing" military uniforms to deceive others? Bend on over and kiss it.

I...don't see a third path? Unless it's back the way we came, maybe? Is this a brain-teaser, like one of those Dungeons & Dragons challenges? Because I'm usually pretty good at things like that, you know?

I'd rather dig my own eyes out with a spork.

Okay, do you see that guy, like, halfway back, just under the American flag? That guy's got some weird stuff running through his head. I can tell these things, you see.

Speaking of weird dudes:

That's right, O'Keefe misrepresented himself to dozens of election officials and filmed inside the polls, both of which are against the law. Just to (fail to) prove how easily someone could vote under someone else's name. The state Elections Board definitely needs to open an investigation, but with O'Keefe (and whoever chartered that bus for him) as the target of the investigation. The evidence is right there.

No, that's okay. I'll take my fair share of that particular charge, even if it is stretching the truth quite a bit. I don't believe winning elections is the end all, be all of the political sphere. I believe, as a Party, we should pay close attention to public policy; we should work hard for consensus, regardless of how wealthy or influential the opposing voices are; and we should empower Democrats at all levels of the Party structure, because (pay close attention now) people who are motivated for the right reasons can move mountains, and bring dozens of others with them. If you shame or coerce a voter to the polls, you know the only person they're going to bring with them? That voice in their head telling them something's wrong.

Tell you what, you want to shame a previous big-money donor who is holding out? Fine, go ahead, if you think it will work. But leave the rank-and-file voters alone, or better yet, give them a good enough reason to turn out and vote. Life kicks them and their families around enough without their Party joining in.

On that self-righteous note, it's Onion time, baby:

Okay, that's some high-quality sarcasm there, but it's more than a little depressing. Here's another:




Good Twitter Tuesday!

Makes my head spin.

Oh, and fuck O'Keefe, the little prick. Here's hoping he finds his way to jail.

I hear that.

If you'll notice, one of the many things this jackass edited out of the video was when he first identified himself as "John Smith" (insert inactive voter's name), which is the first step before verifying the address and such. Of course, I don't expect the wingnuts to come to that realization, but everybody else should. Including mainstream media reporters.