Burr already on the campaign trail

And using the Paris victims shamelessly:

“The president talked the other morning about ISIL was contained. America learned within 24 hours it’s not contained,” Mr. Burr said on “Face the Nation.” “It’s rampant everywhere in the world that they intend to carry out these horrific acts. It just so happens the United States is a target. But Paris was easier.”

“Look, we’ve had boots on the ground there for over a year,” said Mr. Nunes. “The problem is, as Chairman Burr said, trying to use pinpricks with our airstrikes.” He added, “The first rule of war for the Obama administration is not to take collateral damage. Well, that’s not war. And if you’re going to strap down the United States Air Force and our allies with these types of rules of engagement, we are never going to win and you’re going to see more and more refugees flood into Europe.”

Burr is taking the President's quote out of context, and he's doing it deliberately. Obama was referring to the fact ISIL is no longer gaining real estate in Iraq/Syria (for the time being), and is in fact losing ground on a couple of fronts. He wasn't saying the bad guys can't escape in small numbers and do bad things elsewhere, he was updating us on the strategic situation of their military capability. And if anybody would/should know that, it's the frickin' Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Burr needs to go in 2016, before he ends up getting a bunch of US soldiers and innocent ME civilians killed.



Burr is stoking fires

He's just saying what he thinks the ignorant angry masses want to hear.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Yep, and it's the worst

thing for the head of the Intelligence Committee to do. It implies he knows "dangerous" things the rest of us are not privy to, and that we should just take his word on faith.

I can't abide a charlatan, especially one who is in a position to guide defense policy and put lives at risk.