Calling Senator Burr ... again

Let me make sure I understand this.

Senator Burr is the chair of the Senate Special Committee on Intelligence (how's that for an oxymoron?). That committee held secret meetings in December and reported no evidence or concern about Russian involvement in US affairs. Yesterday, one of Cheeto's top military men resigned after it was learned that he had extensive and illegal contact with Russians during the course of the campaign. It looks to me like Mr. Burr is part of the cover-up.

These clowns are playing fast and loose with US security, and no one is holding any of them accountable. There is not a single Republican in Congress who values the United States of America more than they value their own cowardly souls.



And where is Tillis in all this?

He's in Cheeto's pocket, just like Burr.

The truth is, these guys are scared shitless. If they voice any concern with what's happening in Cheeto's White House, they are marked men. Putin is a tyrant who doesn't hesitate to kill people like Burr and Tillis. It's no wonder they're hiding out.

Crazy stuff

If those sanctions are lifted, Exxon is positioned to make billions off Russian oil deals, and soon-to-be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would get a big slice of that pie. And there's no telling how much Trump would get, but he doesn't do anything small. It's like a bad novel or movie about corrupt government officials, only it's real life.