Tuesday Twitter roundup

Why elections to the NC Supreme Court matter:

Aside from the obvious usurpation of Roy Cooper's powers as Governor, the Ethics Board doesn't just look at campaign finance irregularities, they look at personal conflicts of interest, like filing bills that help lawmakers enrich themselves via investment portfolio holdings. Mixing the two would merely dilute both efforts, opening the door for corruption. Bad idea.

Yes, it is. :)

And my helpful comment on the website:

Steve harrison on February 13, 2017 at 2:23 pm

John, you should change your password to something that would be hard to remember after you’ve been drinking…

Because I care. Very little, but it counts.

Before I even read the Carolina Journal article, I knew this was about the Civitas/JLF obsession with destroying wind energy projects in North Carolina. Because that's the only reason they give a damn about our military.

And this is why Libertarians will never garner more than a tiny fraction of votes:

If you have ever uttered “there ought to be a law …”, then seeing a dog on a driver’s lap may have been one of those times. I have no patience for people who think this is a good idea, and expressed my opinion a time or two on the ridiculousness of such a risky practice. However, no matter how much of a good feeling one gets thinking about promoting a law, there is the far worse law of unintended consequences.

North Carolina Rep. Garland Pierce (D-Scotland) this week proposed a law to ban dogs/exotic animals on drivers’ laps, stating that: “It protects the motorist. It protects the animal. It’s just common sense.” He is not wrong about common sense, but that is also the reason there should not be a law on this or many other so-called common sense laws. There are other common-sense actions arguably dangerous for driving, such as talking to a child in the back seat, eating a burger, changing the radio station or playlist on your phone, playing guitar, playing a tuba, reading George Orwell’s “1984” (I hear all the good Democrats are reading it lately), and the most risky of all – driving while driving.

I bring these points up to show there “ought to be a law” for many things while driving, but at a certain point, what are we trying to do? Are we helping or are we causing other problems and just making ourselves feel good?

It's not only dangerous for the drivers and their pets, but it's dangerous for everybody else on the road, too. Seriously, this abhorrence of man-made laws is just stupid. They are integral to maintaining a civilized society, which provides a safe, comfortable environment to dream up silly shit like this.

Keepin' it classy, as usual...

Only a painfully inbred right-wing nutter would think pussy-grabbing is something to be proud of. I gotta take a break from these mouth-breathers...

...musical interlude...

Jon is okay. He listened to me attentively as I explained to him what a bad idea it would be to try to rely solely on freshwater mollusks to clean up our streams and rivers. But time will tell.

Riiight. Anti-choice nutters moving right next to an abortion clinic so they can more easily harass women is not extremism, but stopping them from doing so is. What a strange world you live in.

That feeling where the gorge rises slowly, and you're not sure if you can get it under control or should head to the bathroom...

On that nauseating note, here's your Onion:

We should have listened...



Bonus Onion:

They are pretty sneaky, but I bet raccoons could give them a run for their money. When you can extract a pizza box from the bottom of a trashcan without disturbing the other trash, eat all the leftover crusts, and then leave the empty box right by the back door to show the human you approve of his tastes in pies, then you've done something.