Tuesday Twitter roundup

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Not sure it's the HB2 thing as much as, you know. The fact you're a blithering idiot. More headscratching:

McCrory has been appearing frequently in interviews with national media outlets to defend the controversial LGBT law, but he hasn’t announced what’s next for his career. In a podcast interview recently with WORLD, an Asheville-based evangelical Christian news website, McCrory talked about his challenges on the job market.

The former Republican governor says HB2 “has impacted me to this day, even after I left office. People are reluctant to hire me, because, ‘oh my gosh, he’s a bigot’ – which is the last thing I am.”

That tells the story right there. He's been all over the place defending HB2, but he also wonders why the negativity has followed him "even after I left office." If he can't sniff out such a simple cause & effect, who the hell would want to hire him as a consultant?


Self-employed since 1978 as an advertising sales professional, Carl has held high elected positions in Meeting Planners International and in Yacht Clubs on both coasts.

Oh, right, right. That Carl Mischka. Womack should be a shoe-in...

Yeah, an hour and twenty minutes to say absolutely nothing of substance.

No Stacey, what's sad is that you've allowed conservative patriarchs to use you to attack women on the left, providing those men the cover they need to keep instituting policies that adversely affect women. It's actually pretty clever, because it keeps you busy too, lest you realize just what they're doing.

There are idiots, and then there are fucking idiots. I don't need to tell you which this guy is.

Of course it will:

About 38,200 individuals in GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx’s district could find their health insurance unaffordable if tax credits used to offset monthly premium payments go away.

For U.S. Rep. Ted Budd, R-13th, there are 43,900 individuals enrolled in marketplace insurance plans in his district, along with 40,900 who benefit from tax credits and 29,100 who receive cost-sharing benefits. Budd’s district ranks 13th among GOP-controlled districts nationwide for individuals requiring subsidies to afford a plan. Budd could not be reached for comment.

The uninsured rate in the 13th district has fallen from 19 percent to 13.2 percent.

And between the two of them, reaching an IQ total level of 120 would take a 2hr session on a hyperbaric chamber. But they'll get re-elected again and again, no matter how much they punish their own constituents.

I think you meant to say: "It's an honor hosting the Governor for this event tonight."

He's right.

He's right about that, too.

And he's right about that one, also. It's a lot more about school privatization than it is helping special needs kids, and everybody knows it. Pull the plug.

Of course not, because they don't really care about 4 year-olds or their parents.

We could do this all day; since about 7:00 last night, there were over 300 Tweets posted to the ncpol hashtag. Any time there's a leader with actual vision, the cockroaches begin to scurry. And on that note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, just snuck up on us...