From where I stand, house bill two reminds me of a friend from Gastonia. He didn’t grow up in nicest part of town, as a matter of fact he used to hang out on “greasy corner”. Now greasy corner was a place where many of the JD”s (juvenile delinquents) would hang out. It was on greasy corner where my friend Tommy learned to fight. Part of his stock in trade was distraction. He always wore a large ring on his left hand and any time he got into an altercation he would ask his opponent if he saw that ring and he would hold it up in the air for his opponent to see. As soon as the poor sap would glance at the ring on Tommy’s left hand, he would catch a roundhouse right!

Once again, our Republican friends in the legislature are exercising their experiences on greasy corner. While they have the attention of virtually every group in North Carolina, they are once again making use of greasy corner tactics. House Bill two is meant for one purpose, to distract! Consider the fact that there’s no punishment. If there’s no punishment, go on and use whichever Tollet you’d care to! If these folks want to waste their time and our money with such childish actions proceed! The rest of us should get on with our lives.



It also

It also prevents minimum wage increases and blocks non-discrimination policies for municipalities and contractors among other things.