Happy Easter, everybody



The good old days...

Which really weren't. This was taken in 1966, and we were hip-deep in Vietnam, still digging fallout shelters because no treaties on nuclear weapons with the USSR had been agreed to, China was still a mysterious and dangerous enemy, Charles Whitman climbed the tower at UT and shot 44 people, killing 13, there were various riots and other violent protests, and the United States accidentally dropped four nuclear bombs on Spain when two US Air Force planes crashed into each other over Palomares.

Just a little perspective...

At least...

...your folks didn't buy you an Easter egg colored jacket that you had to wear for the rest of the year - like one particular kid I'm thinking of...
He did rock the same haircut, though.

You know what's funny?

I used to cry whenever I went to the barber and he chopped off most of my hair, but that's pretty much what I ask for these days. Trying to save $$$ on haircuts by mowing as close to the ground as possible. :)

Nice picture, Steve

Happy Easter to you, James and everyone at BlueNC.

Thanks to my sister Trish,

the brunette at the top of the picture. When we put my mom in a nursing home, Trish gathered up all the family photos and took them home to Seattle (Bremerton, actually). She spent weeks scanning them into her hard drive, and then made some memory sticks for the rest of us. It's a crazy amount of pictures, filed by year, and I've only looked at a fraction of them.