ICYMI: Five reasons to be embarrassed to live in North Carolina

Steve included this blurb in the Sunday editorial round-up, but I thought it worth noting again, since it does such a nice job documenting the decline. The comments are instructive ... and depressing.

FIVE REASONS IT'S EMBARRASSING TO BE FROM NC THIS WEEK: We love North Carolina, its people and its beauty. We do not love all its legislators. Every week, it seems, they do something to make our beloved state a national laughingstock. This week was no exception. In fact, it was worse than many others. Here are this week’s top five reasons to be embarrassed to be from North Carolina, ranked in order from head-shaking to jaw-on-the-floor. Five GOP House members this week filed a bill that would require UNC and N.C. State to leave the ACC if the conference ever boycotts the state again. New York this week stopped treating 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in its criminal justice system. That gives North Carolina the distinction of being the only state to do so. There are bills to raise the age here, as North Carolina should have done long ago. But they sit idly, having not even won a hearing in committee. Larry Pittman – you knew he had to be included in embarrassments to North Carolina – filed a bill this week to again make gay marriage illegal in the state. Larry Pittman, Part II. Not to be outdone by himself, Pittman later in the week compared Abraham Lincoln – perhaps America’s greatest president – with Hitler.




My in-laws from Alabama

Were visiting for the weekend. They thanked us profusely for being a state that is more backwards and ugly than their state. "We used to think Mississippi was the bottom of the barrel, but NC has moved into last place. It's remarkable how quickly your reputation has been destroyed ... and for no good reason as far as I can see."

There is no good reason

Frankly, the bulk of this problem lies directly on the shoulders of Berger & Moore. The example they have set for the rest of the Republicans in the General Assembly is: If you want something, just take it.

It doesn't matter if it's unethical, or unconstitutional, or borderline illegal, or counterproductive, or regressive, or any other effect that can be detrimental to the well-being of the state. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is grabbing onto power and holding on to it. Seriously, this is the very same situation that occurs in third-world dictatorships, the corruption and self-serving tendencies spread throughout the government, until it collapses or is overthrown by the masses.

Every year that goes by, Republican lawmaking gets more twisted, the lies more frequent, to the point we can no longer assume there is a limit, a line they won't cross. And it's frightening.