Good news: Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed

Atlantic Coast Fracked Gas Pipeline delayed

Faced with a Monday deadline and a lopsided number of public comments opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration has delayed until mid-December its decision on whether to permit the controversial project. Without fanfare or press release late yesterday, the state issued a four-page “request for additional information,” part of its duty under the federal Clean Water Act to ensure the natural gas pipeline won’t harm the over 320 rivers and streams and hundreds of acres of wetlands in its path.

Pipeline foes hailed the action, which appeared to vindicate a critique they’ve been leveling for months against the project, slated to hug the state’s I-95 corridor and pass through eight eastern North Carolina counties.

“The current application leaves out critical information,” said Geoff Gisler, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. “There are literally hundreds of streams and wetlands that the company has asked to dig through with hardly any analysis.”

The delay followed a series of rowdy hearings and meetings last month that were packed with pipeline opponents, and the receipt of over 9,000 written public comments – 85 percent urging rejection.



Good news, indeed

The permits will eventually be issued, I'm afraid, because this is a multi-state thing, and those other states' revenues (whatever they'll end up being) would also be affected if the NC leg doesn't get completed. I guess they could make the terminus in Virginia instead of Robeson County, but with FERC now in the hands of the Trump administration, DEQ would be hard-pressed to hold out for too long.

But it's definitely worth a shot. DEQ could force the pipeline people to take numerous (and expensive) steps to mitigate the damage, and that might end up causing them to change their plans...

I agree

But I'm hoping SELC will continue to sue the hell out of them for years to come.