Tuesday Twitter roundup

The attacks against Obamacare aren't over yet:

Make the calls. It probably won't sway these two very much, but you never know.

Thanks for telegraphing your likely campaign tactics in those counties. The truth is, Lillian Exum Clement couldn't even vote yet when she became the first female elected to the NC General Assembly, and the idea of a whole squad of Lillians frightens the bejesus out of Republican Patriarchs. You are an anachronism, so you might as well pack your bags.

Filed under "Too stupid to smell the irony." If misogynistic idiots like you get their way, and abortion becomes outlawed, many more unwanted babies will end up being abandoned. Not trying to justify it, just stating a fact.

Probably won't win me any friends or get me invited to any dinner parties, but I'm getting really tired of these anti-Gerrymandering memes that portray Democrats and Republicans as equally selfish or evil. There is no comparison of the goals and tools used, the GOP has abused the hell out of the process. And while this false equivalency might make some people feel superior, I believe it actually sends the message that it's the Republicans' "turn" to do this, and stopping them would be somehow unfair. Just don't.

What a jackass. Womack isn't even *on* the Commission anymore:

NC Department of Environment Quality Chief Deputy Secretary John Nicholson sent a letter to Womack on Friday challenging both the validity of the meeting and Womack’s dubious role as chairman and making clear that DEQ would not send staff to the meeting.

“First, it appears that you are not a current member of the commission,” Nicholson wrote, because Womack’s appointment occurred after the January 2016 state Supreme Court ruling in McCrory vs. Berger. In that decision, the court determined that both the Oil and Gas Commission and the state Coal Ash Commission were unconstitutional because the original laws establishing them reserved the majority of appointments to the legislature, rather than the governor.

The effective date of Womack’s appointment was June 1, 2016. A month later, the legislature created a new Oil and Gas Commission that did meet constitutional requirements. Of the nine members, five were appointed by Gov. McCrory and two each by the Senate and House leadership. However, Womack was not reappointed to the new, constitutional commission.

But that won't stop BergerMoore from passing a law in the upcoming "special" session in October. I almost hope they do, just so they can get spanked in court again. Almost.

That's a steaming pile right there, fella. If you jerks hadn't started using non-profits to run political attack ads while hiding who pays for them, this issue would never have come up. Don't act like this is about charities or real public service, it's about the wealthy making themselves wealthier with bullshit tax cuts and cutting off services to the poor.

Gee thanks for making me feel conflicted over this. Nancy = Good, Brent = Bad, NancyBrent = Confusticating. That's a real word, by the way. I dare you to look it up. (sniff)

"Whatever he wants to do is fine with me..." Dumbass...

Just a little background on the origin of those anti-Semitic comments: The man responsible for writing them is (believe it or not) a medical doctor named Joe Guarino, and I've had online dealings with him in the Greensboro blogosphere for several years now. Including one pointless argument where I tried to convince him his use of stereotypes was not only sophomoric, but seriously undermined his professionalism. He had posted a political cartoon of Obama dressed like a street thug wearing a wife-beater t-shirt, with a caption that said, "Come on baby, gimme another chance." When I called him out on it for being a racial stereotype, he said, "But many of them do act and dress like that." That's right, an MD who has no concept of what a stereotype even is, much less how inappropriate their use is in an argument. And he's also a perfect example of a racist spawned in the segregated neighborhoods of the Northeast (Long Island, I think). As if we don't already have enough home-grown bigots to deal with. SMFH.

Good! It's a start, anyway.

White! Very white. Also, those poor UNC young elephants must be getting pretty desperate, if they had to bring in a Senator from Forsyth County who is not a UNC alum (went to community college). And yes, this is the same dumbass who posted the Tweet about the women's march that went something along the lines of, "If brains were lard, they couldn't grease a skillet." Bless all their little cold, dead hearts...

On that strained note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, we're kind of struggling to come up with ideas...