Rip Van Holding attracts several Democratic opponents for Congressional seat


Hopefully he'll have more time to push his trash out to the road after November 2018:

On Tuesday, Raleigh businessman Ken Romley became the fourth Democrat to announce his candidacy in a district represented by Republican George Holding. The 2nd district includes much of north, south and west Wake County along with parts of Johnston, Franklin, Harnett and Nash counties.

A day before Romley’s announcement, Linda Coleman, a former Wake County commissioner and N.C. House legislator, confirmed she would join Holly Springs vodka distillery owner Sam Searcy and Johnston County veteran and transgender woman Wendy Ella May in the race to unseat Holding, a third-term congressman from Raleigh.

And now is the part where I extol the virtues of having a knock-down, drag-out Primary between four (or more) energetic Democratic candidates before moving on to the General Election campaign against a well-heeled and zero-energy Republican incumbent. I'll have to get back with you on all that extolling...



See what I did there?

I just reminded people of two embarrassing yet revealing issues about Holding's inability to serve as a representative of the people. The falling asleep at the wheel (he was presiding over the entire House at the time) is obvious; but the special treatment he receives in Raleigh, where the trash removal truck has to navigate up and around his driveway because taking that shit down to the road is just too much of a challenge, is a prime example of privilege run amok.

So when he runs some folksy bullshit ad where he puts on some overalls and shakes hands with a farmer somewhere, people need to be remembering the trash can thing for perspective.