Monday News: No refuge here

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WANTS TO CRACK DOWN ON ASYLUM-SEEKERS IN FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES: In a letter to Congress outlining its wish list, the administration called for making it significantly harder to secure asylum and easier for federal agents to deport people who claim they fear returning to their home country. “Many Americans would be surprised to know that being released into the interior of the country as an illegal immigrant is as simple as filing for an asylum petition,” Vitiello said. The administration said asylum loopholes have also contributed to a “massive” backlog in the courts, where there are more than 270,000 pending asylum cases. It’s too easy for many migrants to be released into the United States simply by claiming they are afraid to return to their home country, officials said. They want to make it easier to deport applicants back to their home country and impose penalties against those filing baseless applications.

TRUMP'S GOLF COURSES IN SCOTLAND ARE FAILING MISERABLY: The report from Britain's Companies House released late Friday showed losses last year more than doubled to 17.6 million pounds ($23 million). It was the third year in a row of losses. Revenue also fell sharply. Trump's company has faced several setbacks since it ventured into Scotland a dozen years ago. The company has angered Milne and other neighbors for what they say are its bullying tactics to get them to sell land. A local fisherman became a national hero of sorts when he, like Milne, refused to sell to Trump, despite a $690,000 offer. Then the company got some unwelcome publicity. Two documentaries about the fights with residents were shot, "Tripping Up Trump" and "You've Been Trumped," the latter shown on the BBC despite threats from one of Trump's lawyers to sue the broadcaster.

ANOTHER REPUBLICAN SENATOR ENGAGES IN A FEUD WITH TRUMP: An enraged President Donald Trump and a prominent Republican senator who fears the country could be edging toward "chaos" engaged in an intense and vitriolic back-and-forth bashing on social media Sunday, a remarkable airing of their party's profound rifts. In political discourse that might once have seemed inconceivable, the GOP's foreign policy expert in the Senate felt compelled to answer his president's barbs by tweeting: "It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning." In an interview Sunday with The New York Times, Corker said Trump could set the U.S. "on the path to World War III" with threats toward other countries. Corker also said Trump acted as if he was on his old reality-TV show and that he concerned the senator, adding: "He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation."

TRUMP MET WITH RAIN-DRENCHED PROTESTERS AS HE ARRIVED IN GREENSBORO FOR FUNDRAISING EVENT: President Donald Trump was in North Carolina for the first time as president Saturday evening. Old Irving Park- a golf course neighborhood in Greensboro- was full of excitement over the prospect of playing host to the President of the United States. Trump was visiting the home of big-time Republican donor Louis DeJoy and his wife, Aldona Wos, who is vice chair of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, for a fundraiser. Some of that activity included protestors, who stood in the pouring rain to let Trump know he was not welcome in their area. "Earlier I had [a sign] that said 'Mr. Hate, get out of our state,' but it dissolved," said protester Linda Archer. The rain wasn't enough to dampen the message the group wanted to send to Trump. They were joined by other protesters, who spread out around Greensboro.

TRUMP BRAGS ABOUT PLANNING PENCE'S DRAMATIC EXIT AT NFL FOOTBALL GAME: President Donald Trump says Vice President Mike Pence’s attendance at a 49ers-Colts game this weekend was “long planned.” Trump’s comment on Twitter Monday appears to respond to questions about whether Pence’s brief attendance at the NFL game was a political stunt. Pence left the stadium after some San Francisco players took a knee during the national anthem. Trump tweets that Pence “is receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for country!” The former Indiana governor flew in to Indianapolis so he could watch Peyton Manning’s jersey retirement ceremony. But he did not stay long. Around kickoff, Pence wrote on Twitter that he left because he would not “dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.”



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