Tim Moore takes propaganda to a whole new level


Babbling his nonsense on a national platform:

As President Donald Trump and the United States Congress finalize the details of their tax reform proposals, they need look no further than North Carolina as the bellwether for pro-growth policies to accelerate the nation’s economy rooted in tax relief.

Successful tax reform at the federal level will require the same long-term commitment to meaningful relief and structural improvements that worked in the Old North State. What the American public needs is an evolution in pro-growth tax policies under constant review and necessary iterations that improve the national economy for the long-term.

The only growth we've seen in North Carolina is the gap in wealth between the haves and the have nots. Frankly, The Hill has just dropped several rungs on the ladder of credibility by publishing Tim Moore's campaign rhetoric dressed up as an essay. I mean, it's bad enough we have to put up with it, but why expose everybody else to these mindless ramblings:

If it works in a large state like North Carolina, Congress can use these same guiding principles to enact long-term tax relief that helps families and businesses and grows the national economy with a balanced approach.

We strongly encourage Congress to adhere to the cornerstones of fair tax treatment and responsible spending, as we did in North Carolina. Our taxpayers are treated equally with a simple, straightforward system that resulted in robust economic expansion.

Oh, they're going to follow our example, all right. Like how we abandoned tens of thousands of laid-off workers, so we could build a billion-dollar trust fund to hand over to the wealthy. And how we're crushing local school systems with unfunded mandates and charter school pirates. Congressional Republicans are going to slash funding for Medicaid and Medicare, and you and Phil Berger won't lift a damn finger to help those people.

With much more "help" from people like Tim Moore, the damn Great Depression will seem like paradise.



From the comments:

"Jane Sorrentino 5 hours ago

There's no mention here of a couple more critical elements of Republican "tax reform" in NC, budget cuts and NEW taxes on services that ordinary North Carolinians use everyday. It makes me angry when people in offices of public responsibility tell half-truths to further their political agenda. You may fool some people, but not all of us. We pay plenty....where did the 1.8 billion come from? Us. You cut mental health services, siphon millions from public education, force American tax payers to fund private schools and tax the internet and public utility services. So, please, if you're going to tout your "achievements", please tell the entire story."

What she said.