Question of the day

Who would have thought North Carolina could lose so much so fast?

Areas that have taken a hit:

1. Public education
2. Personal freedom
3. Income inequality
4. Clean water
5. Safety nets



This is my list

but I know others have different agendas. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the extreme range of extreme policy.

It's all connected, though

It was interesting for me to the the GOP leadership of the Senate use the exact same tactic with the 500 page tax bill that the GOP legislatures has used here in NC - drop a hefty bill on the floor for a vote with no time for the people voting on it or their constituents to read it.

It seems to me it's time to challenge this practice in court as unconstitutional. An approach that might fly is that passing bills in this fashion violates the first amendment's right to petition. If nothing else, it would bring widespread attention to the GOP use of this legislative tactic.

A good suggestion

Passing a bill without having read it also violates human decency.

Especially ...

... with how were interconnected today. It would not be a stretch to see a bill introduced, with a vote scheduled a day later, to allow time for the bill to be read by those voting on it and their constituents and for the constituents to call or email to make their views known about it.

At the founding of the nation, this wasn't possible because of distance and difficult means of communicating. That's no longer the case.

And these bills can have ramifications for decades - I've been reading how if the millionaire tax cut bill passes, it won't be a simple matter of repealing it later because of various regulations that govern the way tax legislation works and how it's interconnected to other laws. We're stuck with this long after McConnell and his fellow crooks collect the payoffs from their bribing lobbyists.

Interestingly enough

I could probably be talked into helping on this one. NCSB# 44160.

J. Denton Adams


...the canary in the ALEC coal mine.