Dereliction of duty

What happens when a legislator votes for a bill she or he cannot possibly have read? Isn't there some sort of legal challenge that could be mounted by citizens charging dereliction of duty? Rather than saying, "We use elections to decide such things," how about saying, "This is a matter for the courts. Some things are fundamental. including carrying out the basic responsibilities of the position to which you have been elected. Reading bills is one of them. We fine you $100,000 and declare that you stand for reelection in the next cycle."

I know such a scenario seems ridiculous, but you know what else seems ridiculous? The Phil Berger and Tim Moore messing around with almost every aspect of how the judiciary operates in North Carolina. Courts are being politicized to the point that fairness will soon be a quaint memory. It's time for the judiciary to step up.



I'm not a judge

and I don't play one on TV. So I'm sure this whole post is all wet. That said, it feels to me like some creative lawyering is in order, and soon.