Shithole congressmen

At least three members of North Carolina's GOP congressional delegation rushed to defend the shithole POTUS, with eye-popping hypocrisy and not the slightest trace of decency:

Robert Pittenger, a Republican from Charlotte, went on WBT Friday to defend Trump’s remarks. “We have despots running these countries. People are being exploited inside their own countries, and abused. So that to me was the context of what he’s been saying,” Pittenger said. He added: “He’s addressing the reality of the despots who run these countries. They’re so abusive. I’ve traveled in these countries and it’s horrendous what these people live in.”

I don’t see the president as a racist at all,” Mark Meadows said. “I’ve probably spent more time with him one on one than most members. And I can tell you — he’s never, never had a racist comment in private. And so, I have it on good authority that some of the contextual comments that have been put forth by Senator Durbin are maybe not what they’ve been reported to be.”

Patty Patrick McHenry accused Dick Durbin of negotiating a DACA fix in bad faith because he disclosed what Trump said.

I'm not exactly how low a state would have to go to qualify as a shithole, but if the quality of representation is part of the calculus, I'd say North Carolina has arrived.



Pittenger can't comprehend basic logic

If Trump really had been referring to the leaders of those countries and not the people themselves, he would welcome refugees looking for sanctuary and/or a better life. The truth is, he doesn't want them because they are black or brown, colors we have too much of already in his mind. Always the real estate man, he's worried America's property values will drop if we allow certain people to move into the neighborhood...