Tuesday Twitter roundup

Check off NC Senate District 45:

Still a lot of empty slots, folks. Keep working the Blue Wave.

Dude makes George Wallace seem like a social justice warrior in comparison. Ugh.

WTF are you talking about? That article doesn't mention Roy Cooper. And if it did, it would show Cooper is willing to leverage the work requirement *if* (and only if) NC is allowed to expand Medicaid to the 500,000 people the GOP abandoned. And it would apply to only those people, who are currently ineligible because they're already working. But nice try at dividing us.

That reads like hyperbole, but unfortunately it's not.

The game has changed, John, and you and other free traders are the ones that changed it. Our economy just doesn't function like it used to, and there aren't good (or even decent) jobs just waiting for workers anymore. That "Welfare dependency" meme was already strained when Reagan used it back in the 1980's, but using it now is either ignorance or duplicity. Pretty sure you're not the former, so...

Ugh, just when I think I've figured out who the worst NC Rep is, one of them jumps the fucking line into 1st place.

At the very least, they should drop their current rate increase request, which was already unjustifiable. But they're like a pit bull; once they've got their teeth latched onto some money, getting them to let go is damn near impossible.

This Tweet is illogical on so many fronts I don't know where to start. First of all, Twitter is very often an orgy of right-wing nutters, floating a wide range of conspiracy theories (like Twitter throttling conservative thought). Second, you've set up a boring little strawman by predicting this Tweet (about Tweets) will not be re-Tweeted, which will no doubt come true because it contains absolutely nothing that is even remotely worthy of sharing. The only reason I shared it here is because it may qualify as the most unshareable Tweet I've ever seen. See, this Tweet is so illogical, it has dragged me down into the logic-free zone.

On that confusing note, here's your Onion:

This is how moderately successful businesses fail...



Facebook down...

It's amazing how you can go from having zero interest in something, but later find yourself on the verge of panic when it's missing for five minutes....