Free to discriminate!

Cheeto declared today that healthcare workers are free to discriminate against others based on their religious beliefs. Now that the moral handcuffs are off, and the Hippocratic Oath is rendered meaningless, a new wave of personal freedom is upon us.

Doctors, nurses, and even first responders now have permission to act in accordance with their personal religious tenets. That means a nurse who supports healthcare for poor people can refuse treatment to anyone who agrees with Republican policies. By adding a simple question to the check-in paperwork, they'll be able to know which patients they should see and which they should turn away. Even better, they can validate party registration without even talking to the patient, thereby making the decision-making process highly efficient.

The number of healthcare workers who lean Democratic dwarfs the number who lean Republican, even though doctors in some specialties tend to be Republican. For my part, I'll take an army of nurses over a few doctors any day.

In today's era of personal freedom, it's time to let Republicans get healthcare from the small number of like-minded bigots who are willing to help them. Good luck, Goopers. This one is going to bite you on the ass.



If I were religious,

I'd be sorely tempted to consider Trump as the Anti-Christ. But that kind of superstitious talk is exactly what feeds his ignorant base, blinding them to his derangement in their pursuit of whatever warped future they hope for.

We'll see how the courts view this latest outrage, because the lawsuits will be flying once these bible-thumpers start refusing to treat sick and injured people. And if the backlash is hospitals stop hiring outspoken fundamentalist Christians, oh well. That's what you get for being an asshole.

Dream scenario

A conservative business person wants help with some marketing materials. She has heard I’m super good and super fast. I tell her I appreciate the request but it’s against my spiritual tenets to support people who are registered Republicans.

There may be some right wing writers out there, but I’ll bet they’re embarrassed to admit it.

And I’m nearly retired so I don’t have to give a damn. Sue me. I’ll use Cheeto as my defense.

Don't we have the right... NC to discriminate for any reason?