Tuesday Twitter roundup

Also not surprising to anyone who's been watching:

Standard operating procedure in Popeland. If a poll or report does *not* originate from a Koch-funded right-wing institution, there must be some inherent bias in it. That's the danger of living with propaganda for so long: pretty soon the real stuff seems out of whack.

I listened to most of that program, and I now have even more respect for the work NC's ACLU is doing. The move to authoritarianism and fascism is often a gradual thing, killing freedom and democracy with a thousand tiny cuts spaced out over time. But the ACLU is tuned in to that frequency, even if nobody else is. We owe them much.

Okay, before the long knives come out about "Establishment" Democrats picking and choosing Primary winners, this is not the same thing as the DNC or NCDP backing a candidate:

"The general rule is that the party itself can't endorse in a primary," he said. "That rule does not apply to individual Democrats or individual Democratic elected officials. ... It wouldn't be right for us to endorse a candidate in a primary in our official capacity." Martin said he and his House colleagues aren't participating in the Everitt fundraisers in their caucus leadership roles, although Jackson's title as Democratic leader appears on the invitations.

"Terence proved in 2016 that he was a spectacular candidate," Martin said. "He came up just short in the end. Terence did everything right, he worked his tail off and got out and met his voters. He's proven without a doubt that he knows how to run."

Everitt received 47 percent of the vote when he faced off with Malone in 2016.

The other two Democrats in this year's race, Army aviator Joe Longoria and small business owner Adam Wright, haven't run for the legislature before.

And before you say, "He already lost once! Let somebody else have a try!", most successful candidates suffered election losses before they finally broke through. Exposure and name recognition sometimes takes several years. But the next thing I'm going to say will *really* piss off some people: I find it frustrating as hell when we (as Democrats) fail to challenge 50+ seats out of 170, but run 3-4 candidates in other races. If you live in a District that already has a solid Dem candidate running, but you really want to get involved, use your influence and network to find a candidate for that District a few miles away that doesn't have one. It ain't sexy, but it is critical, if you really want to help.

Tee hee. John Cole is a genius...

Yeah, you're fucking over municipalities left and right. Moore should be getting a spanking by the League, but they're probably kissing his tail. Ugh.

This is like, the wheel before the cart before the horse, trying to cloud the issue of causality to the point nonsense begins to make sense. HB-2 wasn't just a reaction to the Charlotte Ordinance, it was a smorgasbord of bad policies that declared open season on LGBT folks.And no amount of twisting on your part will shift the responsibility for that.

I have neither the desire nor the energy to hear or read what Trump voters are thinking right now...

Proving once again that Justin Burr is an asshole.

Dude, you really, really don't want to hear from me.

The only thing surprising about that is another Republican complaining about it.

Indicative of a pattern. A pattern of racist map-making.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

"I told you this wouldn't last!" :)



Bonus Onion:

That's because he's dumping all his evil tendencies onto the Cloud. You're right, I don't even know what the Cloud is, but people like him are probably going to ruin it for the rest of us...