Legislative malpractice: Using school children to extort money and power

See below for excerpts of the bill's text:


SECTION 1.(a) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to ensure that the local school administrative units (school units) located, in whole or in part, in the counties directly impacted by placement of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) within their respective jurisdictions shall receive the benefit of any funds provided or gifted for the benefit of the State or the people of the State as a result of the ACP.
In addition, the General Assembly finds that compensatory mitigation payments for proposed impacts to streams, buffers, and wetlands in those areas were assessed under the 401 Certification issued by the Department of Environmental Quality to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, on January 26, 2018.

Basically, the Republicans are trying to do (at least) two things with this. 1) Literally steal money that was set aside via a mutual agreement between the Governor and the Pipeline partners, and 2) Force Democrats (including Governor Cooper) to appear to be opposing a class size fix, if they refuse to give in to this blackmail. And that's exactly how it needs to be reported by state and local news outlets, because the people deserve to know the truth.



Just when you think

they can't go any lower, they can't abuse their power more obviously, they prove you wrong.