Each election is the most important in our lifetime. The next election is the most important in 286 years.

At a theoretical level, every election matters the most. But in reality, some matter more than others. Our very first national election, for example, revealed the US to be a country that understood the need for balance. Today, 286 years later, that understanding has been shredded by the imperial GOP and their sinister playbook. Suppress opposition voters. Stack the electoral deck through gerrymandering. Take control of the executive and judicial branches of government. Rinse and repeat.

Why are they doing this? Because we're letting them. That has to change, and it has to change this year.

The census cycle and the electoral calendar are conspiring to make 2018 THE most pivotal election since our country was created. At the federal level, the US Supreme Court hangs in the balance. In North Carolina, the ability of legislators to choose their voters and judges could be enshrined in government for generations. Nothing less than freedom and democracy are at stake.

This is why Jane and I are pulling out the stops this year. She's dedicated herself to voter registration, and we're both supporting almost any candidate who asks. We're also working on ways to break the ambivalence that's crushing public participation. Too many people have bought into lie of false equivalence between parties. Too many people are "okay" living under the thumb of an unelected oligarchy. We have to get more people involved to change the playing field.

Here's what you can do for starters:

  • Run for office: Filing ends March 10
  • Put bumper stickers on your car.
  • Volunteer to work for one or more candidates: calling, canvassing, social media, administrative support
  • Hold a fundraiser. Think small donor events to build momentum and demonstrate broad-based support
  • Hose meet-and-greets to introduce your neighbors to candidates
  • Make donations. Candidates need money to complete.

The sky is falling

I've been working on campaigns since 1972, and I thought I had seen it all. But the past two years in North Carolina and a year of Donald Trump have scared me to death. Freedoms we have all taken for granted are on the chopping blocks. Republicans are poisoning our water, wrecking our schools, and destroying our democracy. It's up to you and me to rein them in.



Our coalition

1. Black women
2. Millennials
3. Progressives
4. Anyone else who happens to be sane

We had our Precinct meething this a.m.

More people this year, and more money raised for the Sustaining Fund. A lot of energy and resolve, which we need a lot of here in Alamance County.

Filing Period

Partisan filing period is 2/12-2/28
Una Candidates must turn in signatures on 5/8 (primary election day)
Judicial filing period is 6/18-6/29

We'd better win this thing. I believe we will. We've got to keep Russia from meddling & find a way to keep Americans from being so gullible.

Thank you. I knew I didn’t

Thank you. I knew I didn’t have that date correct and I appreciate you filling in the details.

NCGA has not helped.

They muddy the waters at every turn.

Republicans don’t have ideas

Republicans don’t have ideas that most people agree with. The only way they can win is by muddying the waters.

Attendance was up at my

Attendance was up at my precinct meeting, and there were a lot of young faces at the table.