Tuesday Twitter roundup

Talk about a spike in attendance. There's usually only about 20 or so people at this monthly meeting:

And as a companion Tweet to that one:

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see this. But neither of these jerks are running for re-election this year, and by the time they get ready to, they'll be going around shaking babies' hands and kissing veterans, and people will have forgotten this. Happens every time.

If Pittenger survives the Primary, I don't think this ad will hurt him too much in November. Hate to say it, but a whole lot of NC voters have a serious deficit of critical thinking skills.

And once again N.C. State drops several notches on the credibility scale.

Yeah, it's a pretty obvious disconnect. But if they weren't bright enough to realize that in the first place, this effort likely won't make much of a difference.

Although this idiot isn't running for any office until 2020, there's a quote in here that needs to be part of any opposition ad campaign:

He points to the complex bureaucracy of government controlled education, and how the culture of protecting jobs can be more important than preparing students for the world they are going to live in tomorrow. He doesn’t think it has to be that way, and he thinks the government should borrow from the private sector to find ways to innovate.

Dan believes that protectionism of the status quo is so ingrained in the system, that radical changes are necessary. “Let's blow up that system and figure out what it should be for this 21st-century world that we're moving into,” he says. “Let’s look at the high tech jobs and the types of jobs that are going away and the types of jobs that are coming that we don't even know about yet. Let’s focus that system on the student.”

There you go. The damn ad just about writes itself.

FWIW, and don't tell anybody I said this because I really don't want to see us breaking down into multiple political parties trying to form bullshit coalitions with each other, but the Democratic Party could do a lot worse than emulating this Platform:

Beyond question America’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair, rehabilitation and modernization. It's more than just a matter of falling bridges and failing levees, as important as those things are. The legacy energy, transportation, and communication systems we rely on are far behind those found in other developed countries, and if they are allowed to erode further the cost of restoring our economic competitiveness (and our overall standard of living) will begin to become prohibitive.

Worse yet, a vulnerable and weak infrastructure poses a tangible national security threat; crippling energy and transportation systems over a century old -- or older -- is an easy thing to do, especially given their lack of redundancy. Waiting any longer to address the issue will only mean greater risks and a bigger job. The time to act is now.

The Modern Whig Party advocates:

Implementing a domestic Marshall Plan focused on replacing our 20th Century infrastructure with modern, 21st Century systems
Creating public/private partnerships funded by government guaranteed infrastructure loan banks empowered to issue very low interest, very long-term bonds suitable for financing 100-year capital improvements
Encouraging and facilitating broad cooperation between industry and government to bring the combined expertise of two of our most fundamental institutions to bear

It gets better. So don't look. :)

This would be amusing enough on its own, but for those of us who have (unwisely?) immersed themselves in the Greensboro blogosphere, it's a knee-slapper:

C4GC has supported and helped elect several candidates, including U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, a former associate pastor at Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro, the meeting place for the PAC.

According to his website, Barrett Riddleberger is originally from Charleston, S.C., and lives in Greensboro with his wife, Jodi, their daughter and two sons.

In 1995, Barrett Riddleberger was convicted in Guilford County of felony indecent liberties with a child, according to state records. The Greensboro News & Record and Triad City Beat reported that the conviction stemmed from a video of him having sex with a 15-year-old when he was 25.

Make no mistake, Greensboro Republicans were well aware this dude was a convicted sex offender when they allowed him to take up a leadership role at C4GC. And when the shit hit the fan, they didn't know which way to turn. I've never read so much nonsense in my life, from "people deserve a second chance" to "Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton!" And this dating website thing is just dredging all that up again, You couldn't pay for better entertainment.

On that hilarious note, here's your Onion:

He does seem to be resting well...



Bonus Onion:

Even though this is an accurate description of most of these drug commercials, it's still funny as hell. I mean, you know they hate having to do that disclosure thing, but their efforts to distract you while saying, "could result in liver failure" is just mind-bending...