Two, four, six, eight, no amendments, no debate

In case you haven't heard, the amendment mess is even worse than we thought. With half of the latest special session behind us (the Senate meets on Monday), no one knows what which amendments will be on the ballot and which will not. Since the House didn't repeal the two amendments challenged by Cooper and the NAACP, will those need to be on the ballot? Could be. It all depends on whether the clowns in the legislature figure out how to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

(I hate to link to the Carolina Journal, but they have best summary of the situation.)

In any case, it could come down to the courts again, with a strong likelihood that Governor Cooper will again challenge the amendments as unconstitutionally vague and misleading. Bergermoore says they're clear and in compliance with the previous court ruling, but that's bullshit. The new amendments are no less vague than they were before, and they're still "blank checks" that the General Assembly can interpret any way it wants.

Given the time pressure for printing ballots and early voting, the courts could simply say "screw this" and keep the new amendments off the ballot. It's happened before.

To me, it doesn't really matter how many amendments there are. So don't get caught up in slogans like Nix All Six or Eight to Hate. Keep it simple. VOTE AGAINST EVERY AMENDMENT. You shouldn't even need to look at the individual amendments because they are all part of a GOP power play. But in the even you feel compelled to do your homework, check out the Democracy NC summary of why all six (or four or eight) amendments are bad for our Constitution and bad for North Carolina.



What’s wrong with the amendments?

Unless you read the whole amendment you can’t get a real understanding of what each one means. And the whole amendment won’t be presented on the ballot.

Plus, the language that WILL be presented on the ballot is deceptive. In fact, the GOP says they are under no obligation to tell the truth.

Even worse, all amendments are also blank checks that give the legislature power to decide after the fact what they actually mean.

I’m voting against all of the amendments because none of them are necessary. It’s gross politicization of the NC Constitution.