None of these guys should resign

For all my extremism, I don't call for elected officials to resign because of their pasts. Democrats and Republicans alike, they got elected being the persons they are today. If we didn't learn their dark histories, that's a due diligence problem on our part. And if we're dumb enough to elect known dirtbags, we deserve the consequences. As a rule, we should defer to the will of the electorate.

None of these guys should resign. It's up to us to fire them.




What about the case of the NC House member who was just slapped with a restraining order? Should he resign? If he has a shred of integrity left, he should. But he probably doesn't.

You may be right...

I was more than a little irritated that Duane Hall decided to run again, but Democratic voters sent him (and others) a clear message by choosing Allison Dahle.

The bigger picture

There's one very important point that those on the left aren't talking about here.

Many of these accusations against liberal public figures are originating with muck-rakers on the right. The emergence of the Virginia governor yearbook photos came from a far-right extremist website backed by GOP campaign operatives.

Remember Al Franken? GOP dirty-trickster (and indicted Trump flunky) Roger Stone was behind that one.

The GOP has an entire dirty tricks machine that they've typically used during elections. Now it's being used to disrupt elections they didn't win or to silence critical voices.

Just today, there's the breaking news story of Jeff Bezos being bribed by the "National Equirer" on behalf of Donald Trump. And the "Enquirer" has tried the same tactic with reporters critical of the administration.

Make no mistake - many members of the GOP are guilty of the same infractions (and worse), but they're not about to step down from any position of power.

I agree that unless the "dirt" involves actual charges for crimes being committed and some stupid mistake from the past, just let them be and sort it out in the next election.

At the same time, however, those on the left need to be more vigilant about actual crimes and influence peddling going on right now within the GOP and the Democratic Party that needs to be held accountable under the law.