Tuesday Twitter roundup

The big day is here:

Sending good vibes to Allison Riggs and others as they defend democracy for us...

For the life of me, I don't understand why Republican voters can't grasp this simple concept. I tried to explain it to Jon Hardister (at a golf tournament, no less), in an effort to get him to undo some of the new sales taxes on services like auto repair. After about fifteen minutes, there was a spark of recognition, but then some businessman horned in with, "Don't mean to interrupt..." Evil Steve wanted me to say, "And yet, here you are," but I shushed him.

Local control? Hah! The day NC's Republicans start being genuinely concerned about local control they'll be ice-skating in Hell.

Yeah that's...very unsettling...

You have to see it to believe it:

Glad I don't live in the 9th, because it's going to be a fricking circus.

Brilliant gif. Be nice if the Supreme Court could see that, because it perfectly demonstrates the unbreakable link between racial and partisan gerrymandering.

Just another obvious lie from the master of lies.

The dossier was not fake, but even if it was, numerous indictments, convictions, and guilty pleas make your entire argument seem stupid.

You're even more of an idiot than Meadows, and that's a damn high bar.

Bless her heart. It's bad enough to be a young Republican, but a young female Republican? That's like rats for cats. Or something equally incongruous....

Yeah, it's called "hubris," and Lewis is just dripping with it.

That's somewhere between disgusting and infuriating. And when you consider how many people went bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills, just so this dude can rake in all that money, it makes you want to throw something across the room. Grrr.

Oh dear god in heaven. Renee Ellmers crawls out of the woodwork. And it can't be for one of the special Congressional elections, filing time is over. Lt. Governor? Secretary of State? I don't see her "settling" for a General Assembly seat, after being in Congress. *sigh*

On that disturbing note, here's your Onion:

Come on, everybody has an "off" day from time to time...