Day 13

We're in the midst of a Lie Pandemic that is hitting Trump Republicans hard. Growing exponentially and mutating, it'll bring certain death to many of Trump's most loyal supporters. It seems they're ready to die for him.

Every day Trump makes stuff up, things that could literally end the lives of a million people. The shortage of tests, masks, and ventilators isn't some imagined Democratic hoax, it's a real and fatal failure of leadership at every level. But hey. There's nothing to worry about. God will protect and defend, screw you and your la-tee-dah social distancing.

From where I sit, the only way to fight this pandemic is with an Avalanche of Truth. For that to happen, YOU MUST GET INVOLVED NOW. If you're reading this, I hope you'll write and share something on line. Other people need to hear what you think. Even a simple comment on someone else's post can make a huge difference. It helps to know we're not alone.

Lies can grow exponentially, but so can civic engagement, especially in a time of physical distancing. Say something about your politics on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Instagram, wherever. Send stuff around by email and on listserves. Talk on the phone about the candidates you support. Add a personal statement to your email signature. Take a stand.

Avalanche warning: I'm going to be a pain in the butt about engagement for the duration, so don't make me come over there. Besides, what else you gonna do? Clear 46 minutes every other day for exploring and sharing political ideas. Start getting it together now so you'll be even more effective in the fall election.



Like I said, don't make me come over there

Yep. I'm talking to YOU, the human being reading this comment at this very moment. Go forth and share something, anything, with the world out there. Report back.

I have no social media presence

I was even hesitant about posting on BlueNC after years of reading it. Unfortunately from what I've read, the camps are entrenched and no amount of talking, suffering or calling out bald faced lies will move people. May be harsh, but if the Tex Lt Gov and Glenn Beck want to die for the Trump economy to "save America for the children", let them do it....along with anyone else who wants to. Bertrand Russell once said "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so."