Madison Cawthorn tries (and fails) to justify seditious rhetoric

Pretty sure he flunked out of homeschool:

You know, this is exactly what happened in the Revolutionary War. You know, we just felt like we didn't have any representation so people wanted to go and fight because of that.

It was *nothing* like what happened in the Revolutionary War, you twit. In the 1760's the British Parliament passed numerous restrictive acts on the Colonies, which included several forms of taxation (without representation). But it wasn't just the money being squeezed out of colonists, the Quartering Act required the colonists to house and feed the very Crown soldiers who were oppressing them. Those troops literally booted families out of their homes and moved in, with zero compensation. 80 million Americans voted Trump out of office, but you chose to ignore the will of the people. Just like George III did. Maddy is not much for critical thinking, either:

When I talked to Rep. Cawthorn about this, he quoted a Bible verse as he often does. He said, “Just as the rudder steers the ship, so too the tongue directs what happens in life.” So he is very aware of what words mean. And he did point out that if we chastised everyone who ever said, “I'm going to go fight for you,” then you have to get rid of every single politician out there because they're all saying, “I'm going to fight for my district.” You know, a fight can be many things. Cawthorn said it can mean fisticuffs or physical confrontation, but it can also mean you're having a fight with your wife about who put the spatula in which drawer.

That is still a confrontation with an individual, and very often carries a "tone" of implied violence. What he should have said (if he only had a brain) was that "fight" could mean a struggle against systemic wrongs, a sustained effort to bring about change. That would be the flipside of violence, not some stupid spatula nonsense. But this gun-toting fantasy takes the 10 year-old's birthday cake:

I also carry a medical kit with me every single day, because, you know, I think that if you are trained and you are willing to make holes in people, you should also be trained and willing to fill holes in people. I think that carrying a firearm is a life saving measure. People are less likely to try and resort to violence if they know, hey, you know what, we're all armed here. It's not just going to be a fist fight.

I doubt very seriously if he has had any medical training, much less dealing with the trauma inflicted by a high-velocity bullet blasting through the torso of a human being. But this is par for the course for somebody who views himself as a "hero." A life-taker, and a life-saver. I will judge which one is necessary, and you can thank me later.

The term "delusional" fits him to a tee, but I am not confident the voters of the 11th will be able to recognize that when 2022 rolls around.



Cawthorn is an astoundingly ignorant twit

It's hard to imagine any other reason he would utter this statement:

You know, we just felt like we didn't have any representation so people wanted to go and fight because of that.

This from the mouth of someone who literally represents some of those people in the very legislative body they were attacking. Either he's completely clueless or he's so mendacious it's hard to fathom. It's possible that both those things are true, of course.

Cawthorne's other lies

Cawthorn told a Christian podcast that he trained to be on a Paralympics track and field team. Not only could "The Nation" not find any proof of his claims, repeated by Cawthorn on social media, but Paralympic athletes themselves don't know what the hell he's talking about.

"The community itself is small," said Robert Kozarek, a former elite wheelchair marathoner who never qualified for the Paralympic Games himself. "There's probably 50 [elite wheelchair racers] in the entire country, and we see each other four, five, six times a year, at least."

Cawthorn boasts about training for the Paralympics on social media, but other athletes aiming for the same goals say the lawmaker's claims about his intentions to break the world record for the 100-meter dash are ridiculous.

"Who is this guy?" McGrory recalls thinking when she saw Cawthorn's boast. "Why does he think he's going to break world records? This is really weird. I don't think he has any idea what he's talking about."

This follows Cawthorn's claims that he was accepted to the Naval Academy. In fact, his application was rejected.

Thanks, I just stumbled across that

This part made me giggle a little bit:

Siemann admitted, a little sheepishly, that he and other elite athletes were aware of Cawthorn long before he ran for office. In fact, Cawthorn’s Instagram feed was a bit of a running joke. “[My teammates and I] would share whatever posts [Cawthorn] put up and be like, ‘Look at what batshit thing he said about the Paralympics this week.… The claims he was making were just so absurd, you have to find some humor in it.”

Of course, that's information we could have used last Fall, or even earlier in the year during the Primary.

He's in damage control mode...

The other shoe is an ass-kicker: