Down to earth

Jane and I hosted an ice cream social fundraiser this week to help raise money for Cheri Beasley. I had the chance to meet her briefly in the middle of an eager crowd of supporters.

The event took place on a stormy afternoon. People were in good spirits, but the threat of rain was constant. Our deck was wet and tricky, so midway through her talk, Cheri kicked off her shoes and settled into a wide-ranging conversation, answering questions, and demonstrating that she is a decent, caring human being. The contrast with Ted Blood is stark. Cheri Beasley is NOT a Trump liar. She's NOT a forced-birther. She's NOT a member of the Tarheel Taliban. She's NOT a loudmouth. She's NOT an insurrectionist. She's NOT a death merchant. She's a thoughtful and knowledgeable woman who is listening to what North Carolinians want and need. She's an experienced legal scholar who understands the strength of democracy, as well as the risks our country is facing from seditionists such as Ted Blood and his pal Trump. What's more, she's already won statewide races in North Carolina.

I fear for the United States of America under the heavy hand of right-wing fanatics. It is so very important that each and every one of us make sure our next Senator is a down-to-earth leader we can trust to help move our country forward.



I really like her.

Not that liking somebody really matters in the scheme of things, but I will cast that vote with a damn flourish. And maybe a little dance, but that might scare teh little childrens...