Let women be.

Of all the insults our citizens suffer, the insults to women anger me most.

The insult of demanding control over women's bodies. The insult of promoting birth but not parenthood. The insult of male arrogance.

That's the NC GOP leadership in a big, rotten nutshell.



Also from that Policy Watch article: Hateful big mouth

A perfect description:

"In short, while Lt. Gov. Robinson is the latest in a long list of painful embarrassments for North Carolina, what’s most pathetic about the current situation is not his hateful big mouth, but the silent complicity of his cynical enablers and their collective failure to address the real obscenities that afflict our society."

It's almost as if

It's almost as if conservatives view women as disposable---oh, she died while pregnant? While delivering a baby? After a miscarriage? That's alright. You can get another.
It's long past time to remind them that:

A woman's life is sacred, too.