Mark Robinson's God Says "Nope" to Women Leaders

It's getting clear that Uncle Tom Robinson will be anointed as the NCGOP's candidate for governor in 2024. He's already running hard. Which is a good thing. Because the more Robinson talks, the better people can understand the man and the god who guides his politics.

Let's break it down. Again.

1. Robinson is a preacher.
2. His interpretation of the Bible is that God wants men to lead, not women.
3. He argues that you and I are "called" to go along with his lunacy.
4. If you don't go along? You go to hell.

Which explains everything you need to know about the conman currently serving as NC's lieutenant governor. He's chosen by god to tell us all what god wants and what god thinks and if you don't agree with him, to hell with you. Literally.



The arrogance of power

Big black man telling women leaders that they're not right for the job. What an asshole.

But he wouldn't mind NC becoming the breeding capital of America

If we're lucky, the women sheep of the United States, incapable of being leaders, will flock to NC to have babies. Never mind the fact that pregnant women are dying at a dramatically growing rate in our state. No need to worry about pesky little facts when you have god on your side.

Abortion, Robinson, NC gov

It is interesting, if not infuriating, that republicans always find a way to 'forgive' the sins of their own.
But they cannot forgive the sins of those outside their 'tribe.'
Robinson sought and paid for an abortion..... well, God will forgive.
But any other woman who has an abortion they want to doom to jail, and then hell.

They simply cannot call themselves Christians.

Blood bath

The governor's race is going to be a blood bath.

Who will NC decide to support? An ignorant black conman who hates women and public education? A smart white Jewish man who thinks women should have the freedom to make their own choices?

Such a dilemma.